Bromine Atom Classification

How to classify Bromine

Learning about Bromine

These are some facts you need to know about bromine

  • Bromine has a atomic # of 35
  • Bromine has a atomic mass of 96.904
  • there are 45 neutrons in a bromine atom
  • Bromine is a non-metal
  • Bromine is a translucent red-orange color
  • Bromine easily reacts with other elements
  • Bromine's cordinates on the periodic table are 17, 4
  • In nature Bromine can only be found in compounds
  • Bromine is the second most reactive element
  • Bromine is very corrosive and destructive on organic matter
  • Bromine is a liquid at room temperature
  • Bromine is 3.12 times heavyer than water

The History of Bromine

In 1826 a chemistry student named C. Lowig conducted an experiment on (magnesium bromide-rich) water from swamps. He injected clorine gas into the solution and a new substance was formed; Bromine

A Few Common Uses For Bromine

Clorine vs. Brominne

Chlorine vs Bromine