The Truth about Prescription Drugs

By Kale Grossman

What is it?

prescription drugs are categorized as the same category as opium and cocaine.some drugs are Ritalin And Dexedrine which are stimulants and also painkillers such oxycontin prescription drugs could be synthetic(man made.)

How is it Used?

Injected into the bloodstream,inhaled or swallowed

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Short Term Effects of prescription Drugs

-slow brain function

-slowed pulse and breathing



-visual disturbance

long term affects

- Tolerance can grow quickly

- depression


-craving for that drug

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History of the Drug:

It started by doctor prescribing to patients with cancer and back surgeries after the where done being prescribed to the drug the became addicted and want ed to reach the same high the first time they did it.

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street names


street names:

forget-me pill, mexican valuim, R2 and Roche

opioids and morphine

street names:

captain cody,cody,schoolboy pancakes and syrup.

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Important facts about the prescription Drugs

In 2006 the US 2.6 million people abused prescription drugs.

prescription drugs has the largest percent of death from overdosing.

opioid was the most commonly found drug among the deaths.

By survey 60% percent of teen believed that prescription drugs are safer than street drugs