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November Wrap Up

Reasons I am Thankful for our Kindergartners
  • Watching close to 100 kindergarten students use the forest for a playground was truly one of my favorite all time kindergarten moments!
  • Typically during the month of November one of my favorite moments is when I hear kinder voices reading familiar books and proclaiming proudly, "I can READ this book!"
  • Listening to the different things Kindergartners are Thankful for!

Another reason to be Thankful!

I wanted to take a moment to Thank Mrs. Briggs for spending her internship in our classroom. She has been invaluable to me during the first few months of kindergarten, her time with is us is coming to a close, we will miss her.

The Weather Outside Is Frightful!

Kids go outside to play unless the temperature is below 20*. Snow pants, boots, gloves, and winter coats are necessary! Please help your child practice getting their snow gear on and off independently. The more they can do independently, the more recess they'll get to enjoy. I'm happy to help them with buckles and laces, but with 20+ students, recess isn't long enough for me to dress them all! Let me or our FAN advocate know if your child needs winter clothing, we have extra clothing available.

Attendence and Tardies

Our entire day is very important. There is a lot that we simply cannot make up if your child is gone. I understand doctor's appointments and kids getting sick, but if your child is chronically late or consistently leaving early, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help with transportation. Even arriving a few minutes late can be stressful for kids. Instead of coming inside with their friends, getting settled, and hearing about our day's lineup, they're having to enter a full room where all attention turns to them and play catch up getting into the right mindset. There is supervision on the playground starting at 8:30.

December Boot, Hat and Glove Drive

Our school is holding a cold-weather boot, hat, and glove drive during December. These items will first be distributed through our FAN Coordinator to our own Pine Ridge kids who are in need. After making sure that we have what we need, some items may be donated to students at other schools. Our only request is that the gloves be nylon or thicker polyester, as the thin cotton gloves don't hold up for very long. Donations can be dropped off in the collection bins at the office. Thank you in advance for any donations you can give and for helping keeping all Pine Ridge Students warm this winter.

Holiday Fun

We will celebrate the holidays with a few different events. On Wednesday December 16th we will be baking a special holiday treat, and I will need a few parent volunteers to help with this treat. Also we will have a Pajama Party on Friday December 18th. Kinders can wear their favorite cozy pajamas/sweats, bring their favorite holiday book, and we will be finishing up holiday projects! Look for the sign up genius link.

Forest Field Trip

If Mother Nature eases up on the chilly weather we plan to venture back out into the forest for our second Forest field trip on December 10th. If you would like to volunteer but have not signed up please let me know that you will be joining us.

December Reading Focus - What Can We Learn When We Go New Places?

Week 1 - Rules to Go By

Essential Question: What rules do we follow in different places?
Heart Word: to
Oral Vocabulary: cooperate, rules, guard, prank, responsible
Genre: fantasy
Phonics Skills: letter/sound Ii.
Blending (reading) Words with /a/ and /i/ in them (ex: pan vs. pin)

Week 2 - Sounds Around Us

Essential Question: What are the different sounds we hear?
Heart Word: and
Oral Vocabulary: listen, volume, chat, exclaimed, familiar
Genre: Fiction
Phonics: Nn
Blending (reading) words with /a/ and /i/

Week 3 - The Places We Go

Essential Question: What places do you go during the week?
Heart word: go
Oral Vocabulary: local, neighborhood, routine, intelligent, volunteer
Genre: fantasy
Phonics: Kk and Cc
Blending (reading) words with /a/ and /i/

Book Talk- Mind In The Making by Ellen Galinsky

Studies of children's development have begun to uncover the importance of self control. For example in the Marshmallow Test a classic study conducted by Walter Mischel of Columbia University, when children were given a choice between one marshmallow now or two marshmallows later, some children could wait for the larger treat and some just couldn't. Those who could wait were more likely to do better in many ways as they grew up, including pursuing their academic and personal goals with less frustration and distraction. These correlations, he notes, "are clearly statistically significant" but in no way doom children.


I have added a few items to my website, please stop by at least once a month and take a look!


During Writers Workshop we will continue to write true stories with a focus on making our writing easy to read. Students will work to leave spaces between words, capitals at the start of a sentence and punctuation at the end of a sentence. They will continue to write words, being sure to add all the sounds they hear in the words they write. They will make pictures that hold the words of the story and work toward neat writing.


Students will count; by 1's, 2,s, 5's, and by 10's. They will continue to practice numeral writing through a variety of math games. They will also compare objects according to weight and length.