Piracy - And Not On The Water...

Read, be aware, and don't dare...

Definition of Piracy:

Illegal downloading or use of movies, TV shows, music, video, pictures, slogans, or brand names without the company/creator/owner's consent.

The Reasons to Stay Away From this Piracy:

1.) Over 70,000 jobs in packaging and data transfer lost each year in the U.S.A. alone because of Piracy. Think of those children in China slaving away for your MW3 games!

2.) You'll go to jail. Really? Not enough to convince you?

3.) The multi-billionaires who made the songs loose a few bucks! Not my best argument.

4.) I made this flyer for you. Still doing it? Jerk..

5.) When people loose their jobs, they become Homeless. When people become homeless, they beg for money. When people beg for money, they annoy you. When people annoy you, you loose sleep. When you loose sleep, you don't wake up for work. When you don't wake up for work, you get fired. When you get fired, you beg for money with the others... That's a mouthful...

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