Theology II Semester Exam

By: Michael Mezayek

In the begining...

When God created man, he was perfect and lonly. To solve his loneliness, God made woman. The serpent tempted the woman into eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. She then tricked the man into eating it. When they did this, they brought evil and shame into the world.
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original sin and its consequences

Original Sin brought consequences with it for dis obeying God. they include:

Malice- inclines the will to sin and weakens it around temptation. (opposes justice)

Ignorance- impedes the ability to discern the truth (opposes prudence)

Weakness- causes a person to avoid effort or difficulties. (opposes temperance)

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God's salvific plan

Even though they let sin enter the world, God still loved them and had a plan. We know it as salvation. he would make the word become flesh for 4 reasons.

1) to make expiation for our sins

2) So that we can manifest the infinite depth of God's love

3) to offer a model of holiness

4) to allow people to share in his divine life

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Jesus' passion, death and resurrection

The steps during and after Jesus' death known as the paschal Mystery. It includes the passion (suffering), death (crucifixion), and resurrection (Jesus rose from the dead). Without it, we would have never been redeemed.
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Theological virtues

By living the theological virtues, we can be more like Jesus and less like Adam and Eve. we can live one step closer to perfection. They are:


Prayer is a dialogue with God. Scripture can be used as a source of prayer. Although it doesn't seem like it, God does indeed answer all prayers. you can pray through vocal prayer (uses simple prayers), Meditative prayer (involves dwelling on divine wisdom), or contemplative prayer (consists of abiding and resting in God's presence.
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The four Marks of the church

We believe in one, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic church.

One- the church is united as one faith, one unit of worship, and has unity of leadership.

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Last things

The Last things for our souls include the death, particular judgement, Heaven or Hell.

Death is the soul leaving the body

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Purgatory and Parousia

Purgatory is like a car wash. it is a state of purification from venial sin. It is also referred to as the last cleansing.

Parousia is the second coming of the lord