Calcium and Thallium

A world without them

By: Zahra C.


3 Uses

1. Calcium oxide(calcium and lime) is used to make cement

2. Calcium is also used to make cheese

3. Calcium is 99% of our bones and teeth

A World Without Calcium

Because calcium oxide is used to make cement, we wouldn't be able to make things like sidewalks and houses. Milk and other dairy products would no longer be available to us, and our bones and teeth would become weaker and weaker.
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3 Uses

1. Thallium is used in rodent and ant poison

2. It used to be used in treating skin infections

3. Thallium can also be used to make glass with a high index of refraction

A world without thallium

If thallium were to disappear, it would be more beneficial than harmful. Thallium is poisonous and may even cause cancer. Though it is useful in making glass that can bend more light, thallium isn't the only substance like that.
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