Physical Therapist

Jared Broyles


Health Care professionals who diagnose and treat people of all ages who have medical problems/conditions that may limit their abilities to perform naturally in their daily lives. To upkeep their license they must pass a NPTE or national PT exam.

Daily Activities and Education Requirements

Must graduate from a school with accredited PT program and earn a doctoral degree which takes a minimum of three years. Average income is $82,390 as of 2014. Nature of their work includes working in an office building with multiple machines and having clients come in and working with them by stretching them, having them to exercises, and work out. Sometimes they can be home health therapists where they travel to people's homes and do their work there.

Other Information

Typically they would work in an office building with multiple exercise machines or may travel to clients homes and perform work there. Necessary skills include CPR, assuring patient safety, be able to work out a patient safely, be coordinated, observe and diagnose patient, good control of emotions, effectively communicate, and good hygiene. The job outlook is an increase of 36%.