Get Caught in the idea Barbed Wire

The newest invention revolution the farming industry

Barbed wire can keep anything in any pen you want. With the new and improved barbs to keep things in or out!


Made by Lucien B. Smith but improved by DeKalb, Illinois.

How its made

Barbed wire is a material made from a twisted metal rod then cut in certain places than sharpened than used in many places including fences and homes

How it effects your life

Barbed wire can save you loads of money. Say if you own a farm with cattle barbed wire can keep them from escaping and causing you your money.

Righting assignment

Barbed wire is a very useful product back at the 1800's as well as today. In the 1800's it could keep cows and other animals in farms and it still can be used today. The barbs on the wire will not kill the animal but unfortunately it still will do damage.

Barbed wire has and can change many peoples life. It has changed almost every farmers life by making their job easier. Today it can be used in prisons so extremely dangerous people can stay locked up.

I chose repetition and keeped saying barbed wire so it would "stick" to them. This seemed to help my product. This seemed to be most effective because the others did not seem to work.