Lake Travis Volleyball

Week 4- August 19 thru August 26

LTVB Week 4 Updates:

Monday- Practice

  • JV Practice- 6:30 am-8:00 am (Arrive no earlier than 6:05 am and please drop off in the back of the gym by the locker room.)
  • Varsity & Freshman team practice- 4:00 pm-6:00 pm
  • Team MOM meeting at 5:30 PM

Tuesday- Play Anderson HS @ LTHS

  • Varsity- 6:30 pm
  • Junior Varsity- 5:30 pm
  • Freshman Black- 5:30 pm
  • Freshman Red- 6:30 pm



  • JV Practice- 6:30 am-8:00 am (Arrive no earlier than 6:05 am and please drop off in the back of the gym by the locker room.)
  • Varsity & Freshman team practice- 4:00 pm-6:00 pm

Thursday- Practice sub-varsity (practice during the period)

Varsity at the Volleypalozza Tourney

Friday- Practice sub-varsity (practice during the period)

Varsity at the Volleypalozza

Saturday- Varsity-Day 3 varsity at the Volleypalozza Tournament

(Sub-varsity come to Leander and support)




BOOK: Dana

CLOCK: Shelby

LIBERO: (still needed)


BOOK: Amanda

CLOCK: Jennifer

LIBERO: Leilani



CLOCK: Kelli


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Concession Stand 8/21

We need everyone to sign up to work the concession on home matches. On Tuesday, please visit the concession stand and sign up for a home match. We will also have your team mom pass around a clip board for you to sign up.

5:30 Shift 6:30 Shift

Anderson 8/21

5:30 & 6:30 - Harrellson Family and anyone interested in helping


We survived the first week of school!!!

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UIL Grade Check at 6 weeks / 9 weeks

Please note a special reminder for students and parents.

As per state mandate for no pass no play regulations, grades will be checked at the end of the first 6 weeks of academic classes on September 22. Students must be passing all classes with a 70 or above to remain eligible through the end of the grading period.

Grades will be checked again at the end of the first 9 week grading period ending on October 13. Students must be passing at this checkpoint to remain academically eligible for the remainder of the volleyball season.


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1. We will hold a team mom meeting on Monday, August 20th at 5:30 pm. We will meet at the round gym. Team moms please confirm your availability asap!

2. Be on the lookout for an email about locker decorations from your team mom and Kristi Rioux. We will have a date after our team mom meeting Monday night.

3. T-shirts (mom tee's and dad crew shirts are in) pick up on TUESDAY NIGHT! bring money to pay for your t-shirts.

4. We got a shipment of equipment from the online portal. Please check your order very carefully. If you are missing something please email your team mom ASAP and we will try and track it down. Remember the backpack and everything with the LTVB logo will come in later.

5. Each girl has been given a locker to place there valuables, please encourage your daughter to use her locker. The girls should not share lockers EVER! There is a no cell phone rule in the locker room due to a privacy act.

6. We are still needing water cases from the varsity players and some of the freshman, please get those in ASAP! Please bring your cases of water to the coaches office.

7. Be on the lookout for a sign up for hospitality room home meals sign-ups from our booster board or Annie Havens.

8. Any extra team bonding outside of the norm is encouraged! We believe the more time the girls spend together, the better our overall team chemistry!

10. Concession duty assignments will be sent out this week from Wendi Harrellson.

11. Our pictures are arriving soon! Be on the lookout.

12. Big Sister/Little Sister gifts will start once district starts. This should be a $5.00 or less gift to encourage your sis. Examples- a large Gatorade, a note/card for their locker, a locker magnet, quote for inspiration, etc. A basket of junk food is discouraged and will not be healthy for peak performance.

13. Football passes will be given out next week to all players. This will get the girls into the football game after the varsity volleyball team has completed the match. If the football game is at the same location we will have one bus stay on campus and one bus will come back to school.

14. Teacher Mentor- Each athlete will pick a teacher mentor for the season. I will be giving a paper out to the girls to give to their teachers.

Mentor Teacher’s Role and Responsibility:

  1. Motivate in the classroom.

  2. Tutor if necessary for your athlete.

  3. Talk to your athlete’s teachers about a success plan for this athlete. You can make a worksheet or a classroom goal sheet.

  4. Maintain clear communication with the player and coach, if classroom problems occur.

Ideas for Motivation:

  1. Athletes love to see their teachers at games so please plan to attend some games this season.

  2. Athletes love spirit notes on game days or maybe a spirit bag (with healthy food ☺)

  3. Possibly make a mini spirit poster for your mentee’s locker.

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Safety Training Information

This week we went over safety training with every girl in our program. Here are some highlights:

1. Every kid knows where the AED machine is in the main gym and Annex! In case of an emergency it is vital to know how to respond.

2. Hydration- each girl in the program has a water bottle that should be with them all day. We need them to drink water throughout the school day. You should be washing the water bottle very often. Once a week is not enough. The girls should NOT be sharing water bottles.

3. Hygiene- knee pads should be washed frequently, twice a week is preferred. Dirty practice clothes should not be left in their locker overnight.

4. Sharing is not caring- we do not want the girls to share make-up, water bottles, hair brushes, etc. A few years ago we had a break out of lice.

5. Concussion protocol- We went over what a concussion is, signs and symptoms and district protocol to return to play.

6. Open wounds need to be covered to protect from staph infection.

Varsity Volleyball

The Varsity team finished in the Gold division at the New Braunfels Fraulein Volleyball Tournament.
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Junior Varsity

JV had a great week with an amazing win over Churchill, can't wait to see where our intensity takes us this next week versus Anderson!
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Both Freshman teams started the week strong with big wins over Churchill. They survived their first day of high school and they got to meet our new addition to our staff Savannah Derrick.
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Advice, Tips, Help, Support

Facing adversity through volleyball (how to help)

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In The Champion’s Comeback, he offers winning strategies for athletes of any age or skill level to get mentally psyched for competition, quickly rebound after a loss, and overcome injuries (and the fear of re-injury). Afremow explores the psychology of commitment and shows you how to develop the core confidence of repeat champions.

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Nutrition 101- need tip on what to eat


1. We are figuring out a date to have the sand court ribbon cutting! (yes the courts are done)

2. August 28th We play Austin High @ LT

3. Open House is approaching August 29th

4. August 30th & Sept 1st Subvarsity tournament

MEET CC4C Alaina

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