Jacob Pedneau


We have wheel barrows for everyone, you wanna talk about something that will move some earth then you need a wheel barrow. No need to carry anything anymore when you can push it in a wheel barrow. Now we even have basilica form of architecture which basically means the use of transept, or larger door ways normally in the main room of the house. It gives you the feeling of a more open layout which is put into all of our buildings and houses in Fairfield.

The Community

Magna Carta

In the city of fairfield Monarchy is not above the law and they have to obey it which means our town will be a lot more controlled and able to function very well. The Monarchy also can't tax without reason which means you will be able to keep more of your money for other reasons.


In the town we have something called guilds which basically means artisans and merchants control the practice of their arts in the town. Our main base for the economy is agriculture. Though even before the invasion the market economy was important to producers. In the town we also have a university which means that we have the opportunity for higher level learning. The studies include Theology, law, medicine, and art. In the town we also have a museum of sorts which contains the original copy of "The Golden legend of Jacobus de Voragine" which was repeatedly more read than the bible.