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March 18, 2022

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Student Drop Off

If your child is a car rider in the mornings, please read this important reminder. There is a traffic sign prohibiting cars from turning left off of Beech Road to get into the drop off line. Please continue to follow the posted traffic directions and only join the car rider drop off when driving south on Beech Road.

Previous reminders from newsletter: The doors lock at 8:40 based on our school clocks. If you do not see staff outside, please make sure you drive around to the front and sign your child in. Also, if staff is out but asks that you pull around to sign your child in because the bell has rung, please understand they are following school rules.

Please continue to pull up all the way to the front of the curve so that as many cars can unload as possible at a time. We try our best to not interrupt the traffic on Beech Road.

Thank you for helping us keep our car riders and staff members safe!


ILEARN testing will begin when students return from Spring Break. Practice testing will be during the week of the 11th and the operational testing will take place from April 18th-May 11. While this sounds like a long window, with the number of tests students take and time it takes to compelte them (as we do not required testing sessions longer than about an hour), we do have tests throught the whole window. Please avoid any absences or appointments during this window. Of course, if students are ill, we understand! Make up testing time will be provided but testing in their regular classroom with their teacher is the best environment possible!

Moran Knights will ROCK this test!

Moran PTA - Dates to Remember

March 25: 5th Grade Ball

Last week of March: Spring Bookfair - Click here to volunteer to help at the book fair!

April 25-28: Papa Vino's Fundraiser

Birthday Celebrations

Please read this note regarding birthday celebrations at school. This was shared last year and continues to be our procedure this year.

In an effort to be consistent with the PHM Wellness Policy, Federal & State food guidelines, and Food Allergy Awareness, we no longer allow food for student birthday celebrations. If you would like to send in a small gift for your child's classmates, we will allow students to give them to their peers at the end of the day. Our teachers and staff will do everything we can to make each student's birthday extra special, even without food items.

Thank you for your support and keeping our students healthy!

Visitors and Volunteers!

As shared last week, we can now have visitors in the building if you would like to eat lunch with your child. Please call the office before 10 am to let us know that you are coming! Also, reminder that you will need to bring your driver's license to scan for your visitor badge. Please be aware, our PHM Wellness Guidelines do not allow for fast food to be brought in for lunch.

Volunteers are also able to come into school as well! An updated background check is needed. See these links for more information. Process related to background checks as stated in P-H-M Board Policies. You will also need to complete this form to be able to volunteer

Summer Academies

Two of the academies are now open for registrations - STEM and Visual Arts. You can register today at the link below. Registration forms for the Junior Foreign Language Academy will be available March 21.

Here is the link Summer 2022 P-H-M Academies

Community Connections Fair

The ENL group is once again holding their Community Connections Fair. This year it will be Sat., March 26 at SMS from 10 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Information on the Community Connections Fair is available on the PHM website. Come out and enjoy the many cultural performances and student work that will be on display representing countries from all over the world!

Moran Elementary School

Principal: Lisa Russell

Office Staff: Martha Hilfman, Sherry Klosinski, Jennifer Ginter