Mission Statement

By: Alex Harwood

My Mission Statement

As an Early College student, I will stay honest and faithful to who I am and will not change to appease others. I believe the stronger you are in who you are, the better you will be. In life, I will continue to build character and interact with my peers positively. I know the better my character, the brighter my future will be. Although the world is a strange place, I will react to anything that comes my way optimistically. As Eleanor Roosevelt says "It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness." My short term goals are to achieve A's and B's all year and to use my resources to their full extent such as my school library, my teachers and peers, and the internet. A long term goal for me is to be self reliant in my finances once I become an RN nurse. I will pay off my debts to school in a reliable payment plan, and have a good credit score so I can buy my first house. I will conduct myself in a way my parents would be proud of and take my schoolwork seriously. I will surround myself will positive people and be accurate in my schoolwork. In doing all of this I will keep in mind that I will succeed in my college work, my life, and my career if I live up to my mission statement.

Interscope Records

Imagine Dragons - Demons by Interscope Records