Language in Life Workshop

Empowering and improving quality of life...Your Llife

The only stories that really matter are the stories you tell yourself.

We live in a world abundant in words and these words have a power to determine our emotions and our quality of life. Words can induce anger, frustration, havoc, insincerity or joy, love, laughter and much more. Transforming the language you consistently use to describe your experiences, desires and emotions will instantly change your quality of life and how you think and feel. Our words reveal the true nature of our soul even when we are not aware of it, our unique spirit is always shining through.

The words you use to give meaning to your experiences, become your experiences.

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Think of this...

Wouldn’t you want to make sure you are using words that build your spirit and add value to your life

This 3 hour interactive workshop is designed to allow insight into the power of your stories and how these words determine your success, health and abundance.

You will discover how to make simple, quick and easy changes that unlock hidden potential and expand understanding so you can experience your life on your terms.

You really can have it all.

“Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know more.”

Language in Life Workshop

Saturday, Aug. 9th, 1-4pm

116 Terrace Rd

Guildford, WA

The Beautiful, Yogamat’ers in Guildford

116a Terrace Road, Guildford

Price : $66.00

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