Push and Pull factors.

Religious Persecution.

A. Pakistan

B. Girls are accused for being Christians so they are abused and some of them are killed.

C. They migrate to Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong where they are refugees and free.

D. http://www.christianfreedom.org/the-christian-winter/persecution-in-pakistan/

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Ethnic persecution

A. Russia

B. Non-Slavs from Caucasus dominate farmer's markets in most cities, incurring the wrath of native Russians. Vladimir Putin calls for expelling all non-Slavs from Russian cities, whether they are Russian citizens or not.

C. The men are released to European countries.

D. http://inthesetimes.com/article/2887/

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Environmental factors

A. Philippines

B. The Philippines has suffered from an inexhaustible number of deadly typhoons, earthquakes, volcano eruptions and other natural disasters. This is due to its location along the Ring of Fire.

C. They migrate to South Asia and Indonesia.

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Economic motives

A. Guatemala

B. People in Guatemala are payed to low so they can't have a good quality of life, people realize hours of work for a minimum salary.

C. The people migrate to Mexico searching better opportunities for having a good life, searching for jobs with sufficient pay to maintain their family.


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Political factors

A. Cuba

B. Individuals wanted to leave this country because Fidel Castro promised a democracy and instead of that he stablished a dictatorship in which he controlled all the people and nobody could say something about him or try to do something to get him down.

C. The people migrated to Latin America


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Forced migration

A. Sudan

B. From being host to a net influx of refugees from neighbouring states in the 1970s and early 1980s, Sudan has become a generator of forced migration on an unprecedented scale, creating the world’s largest crisis of human displacement.

C. Since 1983 two million Sudanese are reckoned to have died as a result of conflict.About a million have fled to neighbouring countries, and some six million - one sixth of the population - have been displaced within the country.

D. http://www.forcedmigration.org/research-resources/regions/sudan

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