Created By: Jaime and Chancy

About Israel-By: Jaime Read

The capital of Israel is Jerusalem one of the very most important place in Israel because its the capital.Three major cities in Israel are West Jerusalem,Haifa,and Tel Aviv.

Government-By:Chancy Dodd

The government is Parliamentary Democracy and all the citizens can vote.

Imports-By:Chancy Dodd

The main import in Israel is petroleum.

Exports-By: Chancy Dodd

The main exports in Israel is metal products.
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This is a picture of a fun place to go when your in israel.A chocolate factory!

The sea of Galilee-By: Chancy Dodd

There is a lot of things to do at the sea of Galilee. Here is some of them you can go to the chocolate factory, you can go to Yoshi's workshop and buy wooden toys, you can also go to water sports and recreation place were you can cruise the lake on a cruise ship were you can eat and dance.