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Happenings from March 2018

2nd Grade Research

2nd grade completed their research on biographies. Their research was conducted using the Guided Inquiry Method. Over Spring Break, the students created a "bottle" person in the likeness of the person they researched. When they returned from the break they learned how to bring their person to life by using the Chatterpix app on the library iPads.

John Muir

3rd Grade Research

Third grade created their final product from their research on rapid changes in the Earth's surface. They also conducted their research using the Guided Inquiry Method. They chose one of the natural disasters and were taught how to use the Skitch or Chatterpix app to create a final product using the library iPads.

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Kinder Research

Kinder began their research process by reading a National Geographic book about sea turtles. This is the Open Stage of the Guided Inquiry Process for research. In addition to reading about sea turtles the students were also introduced to nonfiction text features. They will also research sharks and whales in the month of April and create a final product about what they learned.

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Exploratory Stations

Kinder let their creative side out and were able to choose from five different stations to explore. They could either try the straws and connectors, Legos, Magna-tiles, Kinex or Kelva planks.

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Matt Sandbank is Coming!

On April 13, Matt Sandbanks an one man shadow puppet show will be visiting our campus. Each of his programs uses a mixture of shadow puppetry and poetry. This does not just tie into Language Arts, but also into the audience's imagination. He will perform "A Wild Goose Chase" for PK-3 grades and "The Legend of Walter Weirdbeard" for grades 4 & 5.

Library Information

  • 16 instructional days, 2 early out days
  • 2,107 total items checked out
  • 19 Overdrive Checkouts
  • 63 total classes taught. Classes focused on biographies, timelines, ocean animals, exploratory learning
  • 18 classes came in for check out only.
  • 132 walk-ins

Upcoming events-

Matt Sandbank-shadow puppeteer, Kinder and 1st grade research, STAAR testing

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