Lloyd Road School Newsletter

September 2019

2019-20 School Year Brings New Goals

Welcome to Lloyd Road and an amazing year ahead.

Each year all schools decide on a few focus goals that will be the areas of concentration throughout the year. Our goals for 2019-2020 are:

1. Math content team will focus on improving students' problem solving abilities with fractions.

2. Language Arts content team will focus on

  • Interpret visuals in informational text to answer a question or draw more information about the text.
  • Key ideas and details
  • Recognize text structures and text types (i.e. fiction/nonfiction; compare/contrast, sequencing, cause/effect, etc.)

3. Expanding social-emotional learning through implementing morning meetings and mindfulness activities following lunch and recess each afternoon.

4. Promoting a positive school culture and climate, with a focus on promoting equity, access, and inclusiveness across all grade levels and content areas.

Lastly, our staff and students are taking on the challenge to MAKE a DIFFERENCE to at least one other person in a day, a week, a month or the year.

Any support you can provide your children to help them in the goal areas above would be greatly appreciated.

Mr. Jerabek & Mrs. Olsen

Principal & Assistant Principal

Monthly Dates to Remember

You can find detailed information on some of these events in our Lloyd Road School Virtual Backpack.


5th--- First day of school (full day 8:40-3:05)

9th---Board of Education meeting at Cambridge Park School

16th---Lloyd Road School Back to School Night (Details are below)

16-20th---Fall Reading and Math Linkit benchmark assessments

23rd--- Board of Education meeting at the high school

20th--- District meal applications due to homeroom teacher

(hard copies were sent home first day of school but also available online at click here)

25th--- Fall student & class photos

27th--- Title 1 Parent meeting at Lloyd Road in the cafeteria

30th-Oct. 1st---Rosh Hashana (school closed)

Back to School Night (September 16)

Session 1 for Grade 4

6:30-6:55 Grade 4 session 1 begins with your child’s homeroom teacher

7:00-7:25 Grade 4 session 2 switch to your child’s second teacher

Time to clear the parking lot

Session 2 for Grade 5

7:45-8:10 Grade 5 session 1 begins with your child’s homeroom teacher

8:15-8:40 Grade 5 session 2 switch to your child’s second teacher

We invite our parents and guardians to join us for Back to School Night to see and hear what your children will be learning this year. Most of our classes follow the departmental design where a student has one teacher for English Language Arts (ELA) and Social Studies and then a second teacher for Math and Science. Back to School night begins directly in the classrooms. There will be a variety of tables set up with school and community organizations so please stop by them.

Additional reminders:

- Due to limited parking we recommend trying to arrive a few minutes early

- We prefer children do not attend, but if childcare is not available any child brought to Back to School Night needs to be in the room with a parent to avoid wandering the building and disruptions in the hallways we have had in the past.

Welcome New Staff to Lloyd Road

We welcome the following new staff members to Lloyd Road this year.

Mrs. Gallagher (Speech Therapist)

Ms. Giacchi (Title 1 School Counselor for school climate/culture and Grade 4)

Mrs. Tay (School counselor-Grade 5)

Mrs. O'Brien (Special education teacher)

Ms. Coulahan (Special education teacher)

Mr. Certa (Special education teacher)

Ms. Encarnacion (Special education teacher covering Mrs. Gallitelli's maternity leave.)

Ms. Mills (Grade 5 Language Arts and Social Studies)

Mrs. Bauer (Basic skills and Enrichment Math)

Mrs. Dawson (Basic skills) Mrs. Brussel is covering maternity leave)

Mrs. Bruder (Teacher assistant)

Mr. Hagan (Teacher assistant)

Mrs. Folchetti (Teacher assistant)

New Students to LRS

We held our new student orientation on August 27th. At the orientation the principal and assistant principal shared an overview of the Lloyd Road School programs and procedures. Students and parents were then able to explore the building to see where their teachers' classrooms are. If you are new to Lloyd Road School and did not get a chance to attend the orientation you can view the presentation through this link or you can find it on our school's website in the announcement section. Click here to access the presentation.

School times for 2019-20

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Arrival and Dismissal procedures 2019-20

Arrival Notes:

- Walkers and bus riders enter at 8:40.

- Car riders dropped off at back door #15 (near playground) enter 8:35 most mornings

- Students entering from the designated areas then report directly to homeroom unless they are getting breakfast from the cafeteria. If they are getting breakfast from the cafeteria they stop there first then report to homeroom by 8:50.

- Walkers and bus riders should enter the building as soon as the doors open at 8:40.

- The front driveway along the sidewalk is for buses only. If you are dropping a student off by car you need to join the car drop off line in the back of the building or find a different location to drop off other than the front driveway as buses begin arriving by 8:30.

- Do not park on Lloyd Road as cars have received tickets in the past from the Aberdeen Police Dept.

Dismissal notes:

- Walkers and car riders are dismissed first at 3:05.

- Walkers should not wait around after dismissal to meet up with students dismissing to buses.

- Parents picking up by car have to locate a marked parking spot to park in to then pick up from the designated dismissal door.

- If a student is ever unsure of how he/she will get home on a given day they should talk with his/her teacher, a staff member on duty, or the main office. One of the staff can then contact home to make sure how the child will dismiss.

*If a parent wants a child to walk home or dismiss to be picked up by car the parent should

indicate that permission through the parent portal question and let the teacher know.

*If a parent wants their child to be able to walk home from the school bus a parent portal permission question can also be answered or a bus release form needs to be completed and sent into the transportation department.

Click here to locate the bus stop release form.

See arrival and dismissal visuals below

LR Parent Portal

The Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District’s Parent Portal will be open to all district parents once again. The Parent Portal provides a school/home connection by providing electronic communication and information opportunities via our district web page. We will also use the portal for parent conference sign up as it gets closer to the conferences January 13-16.

If you are not set up for the Parent Portal you will need to contact one of our secretaries in our main office for it to be activated for you. This feature is both secure and easy to use. If you forget your password you can reset it on the portal site and a new password will be emailed to you. Also, you update your contact information in the Parent Portal.

Most school district communication will be delivered through your contact phone number and email from the Parent Portal. This includes flyers/notices, snow closings, delayed openings, and early dismissals, so ​it is very important any contact numbers and emails are kept updated in the Parent Portal. Please check that you have an email address entered in the Portal and that it is correct.


This year we will look to use our Twitter more to complement our communications through our monthly newsletters, website, and email and text blasts. So, think about following us


Lloyd Road School changes mascot from Dolphin to Husky in 2019-20

At the end of the 2018-19 school year our students and staff voted to either keep the dolphin as our mascot or to change our mascot to a husky to align with the middle and high school. The students and staff voted to change to the husky so 2019-20 is our transition year.

Chartwells Food Services

Chartwells, the district's food service provider, is now using Nutrislice to publish school menus. This is a new and interactive website and free smartphone app, which allows you to access school menus anywhere and anytime. Click the link below to check out the new site, or download the app to your smartphone for mobile access. You can also review the flyer available through the link below for more details. Nutrislice app information

New and easy-to-use features include:

  • More information about menu items, including a photo and description
  • Filter for common food allergens like nuts, wheat and dairy
  • A translation feature to translate your menus into a number of different languages
  • Access to nutrition information like carbohydrate counts and calories with just a few clicks
  • Print a pdf version of the menus directly from the website

Visit the district food service website to view addition food service information including meal prices.

Chartwells is also looking for lunch and recess aides to work in schools during lunch/recess hours in various schools either in permanent or substitute position.

If you have any questions about food services or open positions, please contact Chartwells at 732-705-5320.

2019-20 Meal Applications due September 20


Applications can be downloaded and filled out. A paper application was sent home with each student on the 1st day of school. Schools will also have a supply of paper applications.

Below is information regarding the Free & Reduced Meal Program. A new application must be completed each school year in order to be eligible for Free & Reduced Meals. Please fill out the application if you wish to apply for Free & Reduced Meals. List all students on the same application, only one application per household is necessary. Return the application to school with your youngest child or email the application to cdeleonardo@marsd.org by September 20.

Please be reminded that if your child was eligible for meal benefits as of June 24, 2019, he/she will still receive benefits until October 22, 2019. To continue to receive benefits after October 22nd, a new application must be completed, submitted and processed.

Detailed information along with the cover letter and applications can be found on food service website. Click here for the link as well.

In Search of Responsible September Students of the Month

Our Student of the Month program will continue, and we are starting the year with an emphasis on our Responsibility trait for September. Throughout each month we focus on the trait while also reviewing past traits because they all tie together. At the end of each month one student from each homeroom is nominated for their class. Their names are announced, and they are invited to eat lunch with the principal and assistant principal. Students bring their lunch but a snack is provided along with a Student of the Month certificate, bumper sticker, cup, and pencil. Students' photographs are also posted on our front hallway STAR STUDENTS award board.
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After school activities:

After School Homework Program:

Homework program is available for students to stay after school from 3:20-4:20 to complete any homework they may have. There will be a teacher supervising the program, and the teacher can assist with questions when possible, but it is important to note that this is not a tutoring program. Homework program will be available 3:20-4:00 Monday through Thursday. If a hard copy application is needed ask your child to stop in the office. The program was reduced from 60 minutes to 40 minutes because most students were finishing homework within 30-40 minutes each day. There is no program on early dismissal days, April 9 before spring break, and during state testing May 6,7,12,13,14.

The after school homework program application can be found in the September virtual backpack. and on our school's website announcement section.

After school clubs:

The after school club application process will begin on or about September 26.

YMCA before and after school care program

Before school care is available through the YMCA starting each morning at 7 AM. After school care through the YMCA then goes to 6PM. Morning drop off and evening pick up is located in the back of the building in the cafeteria at door 5. Call the YMCA directly for more information. 732-566-9266 at 201 Broad Street.

Guidance Counselor Department

This year Lloyd Road welcomes two new school counselors.

Ms. Giacchi is our school's Title 1 school counselor for climate and culture and our primary counselor contact for Grade 4. Ms. Giacchi can be reached through email at ggiacchi@marsd.org or through calling the main office at 732-705-5700.

Mrs. Tay is our second school counselor and primary contact for Grade 5.

Mrs. Tay can be reached at ktay@marsd.org or through calling the main office at 732-705-5700.

Any time you feel your child may need to talk with someone about a concern they are having please do not hesitate to have him/her reach out the a school counselor.

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Nurse's Corner:

Please be sure to make the nurse aware of any health concerns your child might have. Also update her on any changes that have occurred since the last time she has seen your child. Updates can be emailed to Mrs. Preuss at rpreuss@marsd.org or through a call to her office at 732-705-5754.

Lloyd Road PTO

Our first PTO Meeting will be October 16th at 9:00 am in the school cafeteria.

PTO information and events can be found in your PTO Packet sent home at the start of school or on the school's web page.

Annual membership is $8 and the funds go directly toward supporting student activities. You are not obligated to running any events although any extra help is always welcome.

The PTO welcome letter and membership form can be found in our September virtual backpack on our web site.

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The Education Foundation September donation drive letter and information can be found in our September virtual backpack as well as the Foundation's section on the District website under the Community tab.