By: Bram Stoker


The book Dracula is about a young lawyer visiting in England and who is staying in a castle that belongs to Count Dracula. While he is staying at the castle he encounters an accident and Dracula tries to attack him. In which case Jonathan Harker realizes Dracula survives by drinking the blood of humans. Harker then tries to escape from Dracula.

Why it was banned

Dracula was banned in 1994 at Colony High School in Lewisville, Texas. It was banned from a required reading list for juniors and senior in advanced English courses. Dracula was banned for having explicit content sexually. It also represent Dracula as a figure parents and guardians did not approve of. The fact that it was about fantasy and witch craft also bothered some people.

By: Aniston Prachyl

By: Aniston Prachyl