Owl Notes

MAY 25


*MEMORIAL DAY HOLIDAY - Please remember that Monday is a holiday. No Zoom, no meetings, no nothing but taking care of yourself!! Enjoy the day off!

*School Updates - Now that we are 50%, it is ever more important that we are adhering to the guidelines set out for us. When entering the building or in common areas, you do need to be wearing your mask. (I'm the guilty party here) Also, we should be staying in our work area with the door closed unless you are moving rooms and have worked it out with the person whose room you are moving into. There shouldn't be more than 2 people in one room so as to ensure the social distancing takes place. If there are 2 in a room, it is advised that you wear your mask. Common areas (like the copy room) are still off limits unless invited there by Kara or me.

*COVID CODES - Just a reminder that if you have not done your COVID codes in View It for your homeroom today! I am already getting notifications from Central Office about these.

*Room pack up - As you are cleaning and packing your room, we will most likely be having summer school here for 2 weeks but it will be our own teachers using their own classrooms. If you want to stack your desks and move bookshelves off the floor for cleaning, you are welcome to do it but I think custodial will do that, too.

*Give away stuff - In the past, we have placed items on the stage for "giveaway." Better known as one mans junk is another mans treasure. We are not going to be doing that at this time. If you have something you are not going to use next year, throw it away or maybe we can set up a google "shopping" place where you can place a picture or description of something. I just don't want to place a bunch of stuff on the stage for Marina to have to throw away later.

* Student bags distribution - We are manning this on Tuesday and Wednesday based on alphabet. Please help us remind parents about this opportunity. We might end up doing a 1 hour evening pick up IF there is a need but we will announce that later.

* Kinder/Fourth grade parade -What a great event! Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!

*Master Schedule - We will be putting the final touches on the schedule early next week and sending it out. Please remember that we are adjusting to meet the needs of the entire campus. We might have to shift our "normal" schedule.

* Summer school - There is a possibility of face to face summer school in July. More than likely we will have it on our campus. Currently the dates they are looking at are July 6 - 17. They are looking at classroom based and a maximum of 11 in a class. If you are interested in the event this happens, please email me by Friday.

*Technology work orders - If you have computers in your room that need technology assistance over the summer, please contact Jeanie Wyatt PRIOR to moving the computers to her room. She needs to know where they belong and the needs.

*Work orders - If your classroom has issues and needs work orders this summer, please email Kathie G by Friday of next week.


*Check out will be done via google form. We will send the link out on Tuesday for you to complete.

*Cum folders - nothing needs to be done to cum folders this year.

*Report cards - We will ask for a few volunteers to come on Monday, June 1 to help stuff report card envelopes. The only things going in them will be the report card and the EL report cards, if they have one. If SPED paperwork needs to be included, Kathy get with me.

*Grades are due by Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. Please make sure you have them in by then.

MAY 29

We will be doing a small get together on Friday for our last day celebration. I'm asking team leaders for a count as we will have a boxed breakfast for you. We will start at 8:30 since we have to be outside and 6 feet apart so bring your lawn chair. This is a voluntary event and if you choose not attend, that is absolutely perfect! This is an odd ending but I just wanted to give everyone one last opportunity to end this school year.


*First and foremost, we know NOTHING about next year. :) However, it is the expectation of Dr. Null that we will be back in school. With that said, we will be adjusting our NORMAL. I don't really know what that means, but I know we need to expect some changes to how things go. Please also help disspell rumors that our calendar is changing. As of now, Dr. Null is not adjusting the 2020 - 2021 calendar.

*Curriculum adjustments - There is a link off of the C&I website that shows the adjustments to curriculum for the first nine weeks. It is a side by side that shows skills for the last nine week for the previous grade and where they are going to be put in for the first nine weeks. It might be worthy of taking time to look at as our first nine weeks will look much different from what we have taught the last several nine weeks.

*THEME - Our theme next year will be "BETTER TOGETHER." We will be working on staff and student shirt designs and will you know end of July about ordering staff shirts.



11 - Rachel Miller

15 - Chanda Hernandez

26 - Erin Ryan

27 - Jeanie Wyatt

30 - Marcy Marcum

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