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It's Fall, Yall!

Fall means Parent Conference Time. I know you are eager to learn how your child is doing in his or her grade level on our District Conference Day, October 10th. I can sometimes pop into student conferences, so I do want you to know that you can email me your child's conference time and day on the 10th, if there is any concern you may have. You are also welcome to schedule a time with me separately to meet. Just send an email at margot.anderson@pisd.edu if you have any questions at all.

This is my favorite season because there are so many opportunities to learn OUTSIDE!

Consider any of these fun activities to enjoy as a family and focus on what's going on the world around us, rather than technology in front of us:

-Visit the State Fair of Texas http://bigtex.com/

-Check out geocaching as a family https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC5127X_earth-day-cito-txga-plano-parks-rec

-Visit a nature preserve https://www.plano.gov/Facilities/Facility/Details/23

So what is my child doing in PACE?

FIrst Grade: We just discovered the lifecycle of The Mexican Jumping Bean! This fun and interesting seed is only grown in one place in the entire world, which makes it impossible to infest any other areas on earth. We received a fresh crop of jumping beans from Mexico, their native home, and enjoyed learned about the moth's life cycle that inhabits these unique seeds.

Second Grade: We are coding like crazy. This unit doesn't just focus on building commands for a program to follow. It focuses on real time problem solving skills, using different coding languages. The emphasis is on algorithms that instruct our various forms of technology to do what we want, in order to make life easier.

Third Grade: We just finished an awesome Pop Art pattern lesson and will investigating the Fibonacci sequence found all around is in art, math, music, nature and even the human body. Your children will be amazed at the perfectly organized way that nature grows and interacts with the environment to achieve perfect symmetry in the most efficient ways.

Fourth Grade: We've been working on some rigorous research, finding out how some of the world's greatest leaders experienced incredible failures that led them to phenomenal successes. The idea of GRIT is an important feature of this unit and the students are definitely learning how to apply this skill to their research.

Fifth Grade: We are about to display our first original work of poetry and then research the life experiences that led some of our greatest poets of all time to write in the way they did. The students have learned to connect to their feelings and express those ideas in the best possible way, using careful word selection in each and every phrase.


PACE is in need of the following items, if you have extras or would be willing to donate:

  • hand wipes
  • complete board games
  • lap desks or clip boards

Thanks for your help!

Need the 411 on PACE in PISD?

This link will take you to our PACE Parent Handbook. It's full of helpful information about the entire program, K-12. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know!