By Victoria Phillips


  • Iridium originated from the latin word "iris" which means rainbow.
  • Iridium and osmium were discovered by Smithson Tennant in 1804.
  • Iridium is a rare, hard, lustrous, brittle, very dense platinum like metal.


Iridium or Ir has an atomic number of 77 and an atomic mass of 192.217. It has 77 protons and electrons and 115 neutrons. It has the melting point of 2446 degrees C and a boiling point of 4428 degrees C it's normal phase is solid. If you were to buy iridium it would cost $42 per gram, and if you look on the periodic table you'll see it belongs to the precious metal family and thus it is a metal.
  • It is used to make pen tips and compass bearings
  • was used in the making of the standard metre bar of Paris
  • Is used for treating cancer in the form of radiation
  • most corrosion-resistant metal known and it resists attacks by any acid
  • Origin is iris which means rainbow because many of it;s salts are highly colored.
If you need to find your way you need a compass which wouldn't work without iridium.