Las Positas Updates

1/14/21 Volume 1 (21)

Happy Friday, Las Positas Lions~

Happy Friday~

It has been a roller coaster this week with the surge of COVID across the nation and the announcement of our beloved Dr. Culverhouse's retirement. Through it all, one thing that continued was the dedication of the parents and staff alike to make sure to provide the best we can within our parameters for our students. We focus not on what we cannot control, but on what we can. We do not complain about "what's half empty", but are grateful for "what's half full." So, thank you for your partnership in ensuring that your child is getting what they need, whether at school or through the independent study contract.

So, I hope we give ourselves some grace this 3 day weekend~

We'll see you on Tuesday~

Go Lions!

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How can parents help to develop students who are knowledgeable at home?

  • Encourage your child to be aware of current events by watching the news or reading news articles when appropriate.
  • Explore connections between the area of interest and other topics.
  • When your child asks a question, encourage them to seek the answer out rather than giving them the answer.
  • Ask your child about what they are learning in school and engage them in conversations about it.
  • Foster areas of interest that your child displays though books, outings and activities.


  • "Why do you think that is important to know?"
  • "Can you think of anything that's happening today that might be similar to...?"
  • "What does that make you think of?"
  • "Does that remind you of anything else you've learned?"

Knowledgeable Life-long Learners Grown at Las Positas

COVID Safety

Please keep your kids at home if they are ill. It helps them recover quicker while protecting the others. We will be providing work to complete at home, if they are well enough to be doing school work.

If your student or a family member tested positive, please fill out this form. A nurse will be reaching out to you.

Important Dates:

  • 1/17- No School (Martin Luther King Jr.)
  • 1/24- PTA Association Meeting
  • 1/24 - Fire Drill
  • 1/28 ~ 2/4 - Minimum days (ends at 12:40PM Parent Conferences)
  • 2/14- No School (Lincoln Day)
  • 2/21- No School (Washington Day)
  • 2/25- Min Day (ends at 12:40PM)
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