Lesson 13 Quizzes are due

きんようび- May 12, 2017

Today's Important Info:


  • L13 quizzes are DUE TODAY. (Please be sure to STUDY for your quizzes!)
  • EOC Project Part 1 is due May 17th, and Part 2 is due May 19th.

  • REMINDER!!! May 26th is the LAST day!

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  • Also: Please make sure you submit all your missing work ASAP! DO NOT WAIT until the last minute. >.<

  • Please be sure to have EVERYTHING SUBMITTED from lessons 8-13 ASAP. Final Exam will be due May 25th, and last day of the course is May 29th. If you have questions, please ask.

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Moniqueさん!Benfieldさん! Shumanさん!

First 3 to complete both quizzes for L13!!! They have completed the L13 Katakana quiz as well as the L13 vocab & grammar quiz! ^o^

よくできました! ^o^

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Grammar Corner! --L 13 and wrap up Practice! ^o^

Please take the quiz below to review. :) This is not for a grade. You can take it as many times as you want. It only has a few questions on it. Please take it and text me to let me know how you did. ^o^ がんばって!

If you have any questions on these, please let me know. I'm here to help you!

Lesson 13 Wrap Up

Make sure you have completed all of the following for lesson 13 by TODAY:

  1. L13 Content Assignment Due
  2. L13 Writing Assignment
  3. L13 Cultural Discussion (plus your 2 comments/replies)
  4. L13 Speaking Assignment
  5. L13 Language Coaching Sessions 1 & 2 (If you missed a session, make it up ASAP.)
  6. L13 Quizzes

Click: Lesson 13 Vocabulary Flashcards

If you need more study/review over your lesson 13 vocabulary, please go to this Quizlet to practice! ^o^

Click: TEST your L13 Vocabulary skills! ^o^

You can use the Quizlet flashcards before you take this test, if you need too. This quiz is not counted as a grade, it can help prepare you for the lesson 13 quiz.

AWESOME ひらがな (Hiragana) APPS!!

iPHONE and iPAD USERS Check THIS out! \^o^/

It's an awesome FREE app that you can download to practice writing your ひらがな!!! ^o^

ANDROID USERS Check THIS out! \^o^/

It's an awesome FREE app for Android users that you can download to practice writing your ひらがな!!! ^o^

NCVPS Student Survey!

Hello Students!

NCVPS is seeking your feedback as we continue to review and revise our processes and services. Your feedback is very important to us!

All NCVPS students are encouraged to participate in this survey because, as a student, you are in a unique position to provide feedback on what you learned from the experience, supply information about our program, and offer suggestions for improvement.

This online survey will take about ten-fifteen minutes to complete.

Please submit your responses to the survey no later than

Friday, May 12, 2017.


Please provide feedback specific to the course in which you are responding.

Link to survey:

NCVPS Student Survey - Spring 2017

Thank you for your participation!


  • Please TEXT me or message me in CANVAS, or email me: dianna.hall@ncpublicschools.gov letting me know that you read it as well as update on L13 if you haven't already done so. ^o^



Keep up the good work! Continue to do your best!

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