By: Alice and Nidhi


Soccer, volleyball, basketball, and badminton are all popular sports in Laos. Another favorite sport is sepak takraw. It’s similar to volleyball, but players are not allowed to use their hands

Pi Mai their New Year holiday is celebrated over three days in mid April.

Lao food is hot and spicy, and is usually served with sticky rice.

Education is free for kids in Laos for ages 6-17, but usually have to pay additional fees for running the schools.

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Language and religion

Laos's official language is Lao, which is used in government and schools. Their language is closely related to Thai.

Religion: 67% buddhist

31.5% other

1.5% Christian

Climate and Land

Laos is slightly larger than Minnesota. Land in Laos is full of mountains rivers and lowland areas which are good for farming. Most people in Laos live near the plains, close to the banks of rivers, but some people live near or on the mountains. Temperatures in Laos range from 57-93 degrees after rainfall. Before rainfall, temperatures can reach as much as 104 degrees fahrenheit. Temperatures are cooler in the mountains than the plains.