Conductors, Semiconductors, Insulators


Conductors are materials that freely allow the flow of electrons with very little resistance.

A conductor is different from semiconductors because it will over heat any electronic that has it by itself. For example if I had a laptop and I only had conductors in it, I would only have about an hour until it over heats and get damaged.

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Semiconductors are materials that do not allow electrons to flow freely but do not directly stop them either. This is different from a conductor and a insulator because it does stop some energy but not all the way and conductors do not stop energy at all and insulator completely stops energy from flowing. If you put in semiconductors it will not over heat as quick.
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Insulators are materials that greatly stop the flow of electrons with very high resistance. This is different than conductors and semiconductors because they completely stop electrons from flowing. For example, rubber around the electron can stop it from getting out
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