Sir Douglas Mawson


About his birth and death:

Sir Douglas Mawson was born 1882 at Shiply, Yorkshirel, England, Second son of Robert Ellis Mawson, He moved to Sydney in 1884, he died in 1958

Where he got educated:

Douglas was educated at Rooty Hill and at Fort Street Model School in Sydney. At the University of Sydney 1899-1901 he studied mining engineering and graduated B.E. in 1902 when he was appointed as a junior demonstrator in chemistry.

Shackleton’s 1907–1909 expedition

While Scott and Shackleton were focused on reaching the South Geographic Pole, Sir Douglas Mawson was passionate about advancing science. As members of Shackleton’s 1907–1909 British Antarctic Nimrod expedition, Mawson completed the longest Antarctic man-hauling sledge journey, of 122 days, with his mentor, Professor Edgeworth David. They coped with hunger, hidden crevasses, frostbite and exhaustion and were given the well earned hero’s welcome on their return.

About his Antartica Journey:

Mawson’s 1911–1914 expedition successfully charted the Antarctic coastline, investigating the ocean between Australia and Antarctica and examined Macquarie Island.

The Toroa followed the Aurora to Macqurie Island, with supplies, 17 expeditioners, 50 sheep, and a load of coal. The held materials for living huts, wireless masts, and the

Aurora motorised air-tractor sledge. There were 31 men on the

Aurora. Five men were to remain on the meteorological and radio base on Macquarie Island, the remaining men were divided between Mawson’s coastal Antarctica base from which the others to investigate Antarctica’s secrets