Teacher Interview

By Tristin Brandt


Place: South Carolina University

Type of Degree: Music Ed Degree

The Room

  • Very Serious buy also Fun
  • Very Organized
  • Looks amazing/Sounds awesome as well


  • Lots of self work
  • Teacher uses Excel on his Mac for organization.
  • Efficiency and Organization is key in the class
  • Students get time to go over music

Classroom Management

  • Students wait outside the room till told to enter in the room.
  • Students who are late have to explain why.
  • Backpacks go against wall
  • No talking


  • How many hours does the teacher put in per week? 80 to 110+ hours a week.
  • ON a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, how much self-motivation is needed in this job? 10
  • What is your biggest challenge as a teacher? Having a social life
  • What is the biggest reward from teaching? Success for students.
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