Kindergarten Connection

Ms. Solmson's Weekly Newsletter

November 30th - December 4th


This week in Literacy we began reading stories about Hanukkah! We started out reading The Borrowed Hanukkah Latkes and compared the two characters, Rachel and Mrs. Greenberg. We also made predictions about upcoming events throughout the story. We discussed how our predictions teach us how to understand story with more depth. After our discussion of Rachel and Mrs. Greenberg we were so proud to easily complete a venn diagram. Next, we read Mrs. Greenberg's Messy Hanukkah. We were so happy to be reunited with Rachel and Mrs. Greenberg as soon as we saw the cover! We found it so easy to discuss the story elements while reflecting, comparing and contrasting to The Borrowed Hanukkah Latkes.


This week in math we learned about fact families! We learned that there are three numbers that belong in a fact family and no other numbers can ever join them. It was difficult at first to determine the four number sentences that belong with the fact family, but with practice it became easier! Next, we learned that if we begin to memorize our doubles facts it can help us become more confident with addition. We also quickly realized how easy it is take a doubles fact and turn it around to a subtraction sentence. By unanimous decision, rapping "The Doubles Rap" was the most fun way to learn our doubles. We loved reinforcing our doubles with games such as "Doubles Chutes and Ladders" and "Doubles Connect Four."

Dunwoody Springs

The highlight of our week was definitely getting to go across the street to spend time with the Kindergarteners at Dunwoody Springs. Before we travelled over there we discussed the importance of teaching others about our religion and how this was such a special opportunity for us. We sang some songs and taught them about Hanukkah with a poem explaining the story. Our class was in charge of teaching the other children how to spin a dreidel! They had so much fun helping their new friends and truly went above and beyond to be so compassionate. We can't wait to spend more time with our new friends and build an even closer relationship with the students across the street.

Note About Homework

We are so pleased to know how much your children love receiving homework each night. Please remember that in kindergarten this is a wonderful opportunity for a parent and child to spend time together and discuss the day. This is also a great time to reinforce positive homework habits, such as taking your time to do your best work, using pencil, and when coloring, making sure that you are always being mindful.

On this note, we have begun to send home several sheets for sight word practice. The purpose of this multi-sheet system is for your child to have ample opportunity to review the words daily instead of rushing to complete in one day. We are so excited about the new system we are using, and truly feel it will help everyone learn their sight words.

Thank You's!

Thank you to Heather Rifkin, Anat Vajima, and Alisa Topor for helping the class make our chanukiahs! Thank you to Traci Thaler for being our Mystery Reader. And thank you to Heather Rifkin, Greg Asman, Jonathan Block, Mindy Godwin, Alisa Topor, Jessica Levi, and Allison Molinari for coming to Dunwoody Springs and helping us play dreidel!

Upcoming Dates

-December 4-9: PTO Book Fair

-December 8: Class Chanukah Party at 1:30

-December 18: Half Day