Desert Biome Project MR

Desert Biome by Maria Rodriguez

Desert Description

Locations is in Australia, Arabian Peninsula, Mexico/ S.W USA, S.W. Africa, Argentina, South America, North Africa, Indian, Pakistan, Peru, Chile, China, Iran, Afghanistan, Middle East, Antartica

General Charateristics

The major types of deserts are

  • Hot and Dry
  • Semiarid
  • Coastal
  • Cold

Abiotic Factors

Desert Weather, Climate, Temperature, and Preciptition

A hot desert doesn't get that much rain a year it get about a 1in. (2.5 cm.) per year ad the annual temperature is 64 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius). The ground in a desert is super hot the reason is that the sun rays shine directly overhead.


A desert has different kinds of landforms like a mesa, canyons, plateau, alluvial fan, and butte. The Grand Canyon is located in the middle of a national park also can be considered a desert the river that runs through it is the Colorado River.

Biotic Factors


Some animals include Armadillo Lizard, Banded Gila Monster, Bobcat, Cactus Wren, Coyote, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Desert Kangaroo Rat, Desert Tortoise, Cactus Ferruginoug Pygmy, Sonoran Desert Toad, Sonoran Pronghorn Antelope, and Thorny Devil


The plant a desert has are Brittle Bush, Common Saltbush, Creosote Bush, Joshua Tree Mojave Aster, and Triangle- leaf Bursage

Ecological Concern or Issues

Heavy rains can caused flash floods and landslides that kill people. Wildfires are also part of catastrophic events. Vehicles are part of human impact that run over soil that can caused and crave tracks that can stay there for many years that causes vegetation to die.