Public Schools

welcome to High School!

Entering Those Big Doors!

Parents, right after you drop us off at those Big, Intimidating and sticky doors, we are almost immediately greeted and absorbed in great invectives by both friends and strangers. What a great way to start off your day, am i right?

Most schools, especially public ones, tend to have ridiculous schedules. The schedules are so absurd that they make sure kids enter school sleep deprived and leave more sleepier, stressed and anxious than before they walked in. Apparently this super smart strategy unlocks this part of our brain called our... Subconscious! And they make our learn through that.

Now, lets talk about school hallways. Did i say hallway, i meant to say labyrinth. Walking through those bacteria filled, dirt infested halls is school culture, and is exercise on its own. students battle their ways to class, elbowing, pushing and shoving, practicing nothing but their very own self defense.

Smelling that penetrating taste of today's school lunch represents how much our lunch ladies love us kids too... nothing better than FROZEN pizza, gut- wrenching fried chicken, plastic tasting french fries and my favorite... Pink patty on white buns.

Now, WELCOME to our classrooms! here our teachers are technology savvy, and they're able to control highly complicated things such as projectors, computers and remotes. Since its almost dead week, the teachers are showing their soft side and allowing kids to watch "FUN! and educational movies" in the classroom, this shows the advantages that students have while texting and passing notes to each others. The ability to do this without getting caught requires necessary skills, skills that could later help in other areas such as, drug dealing and sneaking out of their own home.

Administration Office, also known as the home of hades.

this is also where punishments are given, such as giving you out of school suspension(OSS) for skipping class, so the best they could do was get you of out class for getting out of class in the first place, how great is that?!

Public Schools in the U.S receive about $12,731 per Pupil. This fact highlights the ability of public schools wasting money on unnecessary things and still have unsatisfactory results. So, in conclusion, public schools are the BEST! Students you can thank Jefferson for all his dedication in establishing Public schools EVERYWHERE!

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