"Crucible" project:Abigail Williams

by:Jarod and Noah


Abigail is one of the most powerful characters in the story she will go to any extreme to get what she wants and what she wants is john proctor john in act one said “abby, i may think softly from time to time. but i will cut off my hand before i will ever reach for you again. wipe it out of your mind. We never touched, abby.” thats what started the whole conflict she was heart broken and wanted john so she pretended to be possessed by a witch then blamed elizabeth proctor to be the witch this situation gives her a lot of power over basicly everyone and she maintains that power till the end of act 3 when people stared disbelieving and disliking her so she had to run away in act 4 then lost all her power she had. Abigail is the kind of person who wants power to get attention and to get what she wants. She helps show that power, if used incorrectly, can ultimately destroy other people’s live.


Abigail tries to strike revenge on john proctors wife elizabeth proctor by accusing her of witchcraft because she feels like elizabeth stole her love and she goes a little crazy trying to get john back but she really is just making john hate her more. john is really in love with elizabeth but made a huge mistake by having a affair on her with abigail. She shows that revenge never works outs because it always turns out as the opposite of what you want in the end.
Cage The Elephant - Back Stabbin' Betty


this video talks about how his girl treats him bad and to me his girl seems a little crazy and mad like Abigail