My Vietnamese Christmas.

My family and heritage community


chào that means hello in Vietnamese. For Christmas we invite friends over to eat food and open presents together. One of the foods we eat are spring rolls. They are wrapped with rice paper. They are filled with noodles, shrimp, meat, and vegetables. It is so good! Another food that we eat is pho (f-uh that's how you say it.) It is a noodle soup. There is shrimp,meat, noodle, chicken broth, and vegetables. There is a sauce called hoisin sauce and you put in the soup. If you want spicy, you put sriracha. It's really yummy!!

This holiday is special to me because I get to spend time with my family and friends. Plus I get to open presents and I get to cook with my mom. When we are done making the food, we put it on the table. By the time I put the food on the table, my dog is trying to jump on the table. She looks like she is jumping over a hurdle and then fall on her face. All of us laugh. That's how my family and friends celebrate Christmas together!

About my community.

My community is where my family and friends live. It's where I grew up. My favorite thing about my community is that's where I went to school for the first time! It's where I play at the park. It's where I see friendly neighbors. My dog Zara is only 8 weeks old. She is tiny. She is a pembroke tri-color corgi. Her favorite toy is the happy moppie. She LOVES that toy.