Standards Based Grading

Grades 3-5 - Staff Edition

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What is the academic scale being used in Grades 3-5?

Standards Based Grading Scale

Secure - I independently demonstrate mastery of this skill or standard through application or transference to new tasks. We continue to collaborate on additional opportunities to apply this knowledge.

Approaching - I consistently demonstrate understanding of this skill or standard with little or no assistance. I am working toward independent application and transference of learning to new tasks.

Developing - I demonstrate progress in my understanding of this skill or standard. My performance is inconsistent, and I often receive multiple supports as I work toward meeting grade level expectations.

Beginning - I demonstrate limited understanding of this skill or standard, and I need a high level of prompting and support.

NI - Not Introduced (To primarily be used for students being taught off-level for IEP purposes. NI may also be used when certain standards are not fully addressed within a marking period due to pacing changes that may need to be made during a virtual learning experience.)

* Students who are not submitting any work may be given a Beginning. Beginning scores should be accompanied with a comment. Therefore, if remote work is not being completed, you are encouraged to comment on how the regular submission of completed work provides data to measure student growth within a standard.

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How do I track student progress of a standard/skill?

The Standards Based Grading Committee noted that Schoology can help track student progress on standards, but they also recognized that many staff members are new to this tool. There is also a disconnect between Schoology and PowerSchool when reporting standards. Therefore, teachers may choose a method that works best for them. In many cases, teachers on the committee felt that tracking the standard using a traditional paper/pencil checklist would be more than sufficient.

This year, teachers can work within their PLC Groups to develop systems that work best. However, keep in mind that using percentages to align with the scale is not an appropriate or effective way to determine growth within a standard(s). So for example, a 96% doesn't translate into a "Secure" rating. Teachers can look forward to sharing specific successful recording options such as those available within Schoology. This is a year to explore and experiment with these capabilities.

Why can't I just add grades to PowerSchool?

There are several complications with PowerSchool. First, all of our assessments would need to be linked to standards; therefore, assessments with a variety of questions couldn't provide a score to an individual standard/skill. Second, PowerSchool will only perform the following calculations for finalizing a score: average, mean, median, mode, or and average of the last three assessments. If you recall the "School of Walk" video, this would be problematic on reporting an accurate evaluation of how each student is performing on each standard/skill.

When do I enter grades on the report card?

The final rating scale is entered in PowerSchool just prior to grades being due. Keep in mind, parents can see the final grade once it is entered. Many of our K-2 staff wait to post these scores during a time when they have all of the data ready to support the rating and prior to printing them for the office.

How do I enter final marking period grades using a standards based report card?

Entering grades

The student is completing all of his or her work. Will this translate to a "Secure" rating?

The standards/skills on the report card are year long goals. Therefore, it is not likely that students will be secure until they are presented with the standard/skill multiple times to demonstrate independence. Students are "Secure" not only when they are independent with the standard/skill, but when they can also transfer it to new tasks or new learning.

In addition, some standards are not fully introduced and explored during the first marking period; therefore, there may not be the opportunity to fully assess some of the complex standards.

When do I select NI (Not Introduced)?

The NI score was added for students who are being instructed off grade level. Teachers can address strengths and areas of growth on IEP goals and/or off grade level standards in the comment section for the subject area.

NI may also be used when certain standards are not addressed within a marking period due to pacing changes that may need to be made during a virtual learning experience. If NI is going to be given to any students because a skill is not covered, this would need to be discussed at grade level subject PLC's and approved by our elementary supervisors. Upon approval, this would be communicated to all grade level staff.

Please click the link above to download and view the PowerPoint for SBG with special education students.

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Why will we be eliminating Honor Roll and Principal's List?

As noted and summarized by Rick Wormeli...

If we are educating the whole child, we should consider the vast developmental differences of our students. Students who are well into abstract thought will be working at a totally different level than other students who just aren't there yet, no matter how motivated and hard-working both type of students are in our classrooms.

Instead, let's work together to dismantle our view of what constitutes student success and let's find multiple ways to provide positive feedback to all students. Let's change assessment and grading practices so assessments are authentic and conducted from many angles and categories of measure, and grades are accurate reflections of mastery of standards, undistorted by non-academic factors.

Let's privately and publicly affirm the most important skills of the 21st century we find in our students: creativity, collaboration, compassion, critical thinking, flexibility, resilience, task analysis, positive social change, ethics, courage, mental dexterity, pattern recognition and manipulation, and initiative. Most of these are not easily transferrable to most current reporting systems but they are just as worthy as criteria for celebration.

What is the Scale for Specials, Spanish, and Behaviors that Support Learning





* Students who are not submitting any work for Specials or Spanish should be given a score of Rarely.