Keeping Our Kids Safe

Peter, Shay, Kelly, and Javai

Why should parents filter or monitor what their children do on the internet?

  • Children are the most targeted users on the internet.
  • Over 75% of internet crimes involving children are not reported to parents or police.
  • 80% of children ages 0-5 use the internet at least once a week.
  • Children have access to inappropriate sites.

What's going on with the World Wide Web and children?

  • Cyber Bullying- 1 million children were victims of cyber bullying during the past year.
  • Online gaming- This often leads to children being less physical or active outdoors.
  • Predators- 1 in 25 youths received an online sexual solicitation where the solicitor tried to make contact offline.
  • Sexting- Primarily happens with older teens, but this is big issue for all youth nonetheless!

Parent's cORNER

  • Give your children limits.
  • Have your computer in a common area in your home.
  • Check your browser's history often.
  • Put blocks in place.


  • Be sure the school has privacy blocks in place.
  • Encourage appropriate use.
  • Have children sign in and out for comp time.
  • Check browser history often.


  • Never share you or family's personal info.
  • Avoid inappropriate sites.
  • Report to parents or trusted adults if you feel uncomfortable by things on the internet.