How to prepare cereal

Noah Mundinger and Jose Cervantes

Materials we will be using

  • Cereal specifically Lucky Charms (Very Magical)
  • Get Soy Milk/Whole milk
  • Get a Spoon and a common bowl
  • And a napkin/Cloth for the mess afterwards

Procedure to having a magical breakfast

  1. Get your materials that is in the materials area such as lucky charms, soy milk, spoon, common bowl, and or napkin/cloth.
  2. Now you should open up your lucky charms box
  3. Put the lucky charms cereal in the bowl 3/4 to the top
  4. pour the soy milk/whole milk in the bowl 1/2 way.
  5. Put your spoon in the bowl
  6. Walk to the table or counter to where you would sit and eat.
  7. Don't forget to bring the cloth/napkin, you will need it later
  8. Sit and put your cloth/napkin on your lap, and be ready to taste a magical cereal.
  9. Use the spoon to scoop the cereal and put it in your mouth then chew throughly and swallow.
  10. Optional: You can drink the milk after your done eating the magical Lucky Charms.
  11. After you have eaten your wonderful cereal clean up your mess with your cloth/napkin.

That was a scrumptious bowl of cereal wasn't it?

Nom Nom Nom

We are Lucky Buddies

Please contact us if needed for any help on how to prepare different cereals.