Mesoamerican Daily Report

Valeria Morales


Well hello everyone this is the Mesoamerican Daily Report! Here we talk about the latest news in Mesoamerica, this is what we have for you today. Enjoy!

What?! Mayan`s new goverment?

Yes you heard right the Mayan`s have developed their government. Well sort of, as you may know the mayan civilization is a large number of city-states so there is not one central government. Each of this cities are ruled by a king, this king had the power to rule because a god gave him the power. That`s not all, since religion is a big deal to our friends the Mayans now priests are also a powerful figure in their government.

Do Olmecs burn their plants?

Don`t panic! The Olmecs are not nature hater freaks! In fact they do it to help the plants. How? Oh well they have just discovered a new peculiar form of farming, their new technique is called the slash-and-burn technique. What they do is burn the overgrown plant and use their ashes as fertilize so it helps grow new crops. Yay!

This are great news because they have a great way of agriculture but sorry to spoil your happiness. There is something our buddies the Olmecs missed. Since they rely on this crops because they are their main source of food. What would happen if suddenly a climatic disaster came? Maybe a volcanic eruption that would turn the crops into ashes.

Well let`s hope that doesn't`t happen!

It took 5 tries to create the world?!

Yes indeed it took the gods 5 tries to create the world. Oh sorry let me explain, the Aztec have just revealed to us their theory of how the world was created! Well according to their religion a long time ago the gods had 5 attempts to make the world they failed because the gods had fights against eachother. When it was finally made Quetzalcoatl was the one who created us humans.

In other news more sacrifices have been made apparently Huitzilopochtli(the warrior of the sun) needs more blood to fight against darkness. With the blood of the sacrifices Huitzilopochtli could win.

In the next daily report we`ll tell you how the battle went!

The masters of jewlery? Who could they be?

Well this masters of jewlery that you just heard about are no other than the Mixtecs. Yup we`ve just found out that they are professionals especially in gold and turquoise. Not only they use it as an accessory they use this to pay the Aztec because of some debts that they might have.

This is only one of the many talents Mixtecs have they can also write incredible codices. In this codices they write their history and genealogies. One of their most famous codice is the one of Lord Eight Deer.

Yes I know, I know I`ve talked a lot about the Mixtecs but I like them okay? Before you leave there is this other thing you should know about them. The Mixtecs have a peculiar language you know. Intead of using letter or some kind of letters they used sings and pictures.

See ya!

Goodbye everyone! That`s what we have for today see you next time!
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