The Election of Kennedy


  • November 8, 1960


  • Republican: Richard Nixon
  • Democrat: John F. Kennedy (winner)


  • Close race
  • Had majority of electoral vote
  • Carried 23 of the states (Nixon 26)
  • Had 49.7% of popular vote (Nixon had 49.6%)

The Cold War

  • Flexible response
  • A defense strategy by JFK in 1961
  • Used to address the Kennedy administration skepticism of Eisenhower's New Look and its policy of Massive Retaliation

Kennedy & Civil Rights

  • Made it look like he was for civil rights
  • 1961 did not help push forward civil rights
  • Eventually took a stand and pressured federal government into hiring more blacks in America's Equivalent of Britain's Civil Service
  • 1963 2 African American boys couldn't get admitted into the University of Alabama
  • JFK became fully involved and outline a general civil rights bill
  • The movement began shortly after

Kennedy's Assassination

  • November 21, 1963
  • JFK and wife came to Texas for a 5 day tour
  • November 22, 1963
  • JFK and wife were riding through the streets of Dallas in an open limousine
  • JFK was shot twice
  • He died instantly
  • Killer: Lee Harvey Oswald