Save the date!

Tuesday, April 9

I am pleased to confirm you that you are going to participate to the next orientation day.

The session will start at 9.15 am and will take place in the visio room on the ground floor.

You can find below the participants:

--> Andrei Patru, Mobile Development Engineer, Mobile dept,

--> Julien Hamaïmi, Sales Executive - Marketing Solutions, Sales dept,

--> Franck Noël, Mobile Designer, Mobile dept,

--> Sobia Choudhry, Mobile Product Manager Assistant, Mobile dept,

--> Audrey Sliwinski, International Communication Manager, Marketing dept,

--> Anne-Laure Meens, Mobile Marketing Assistant, Mobile dept,

--> Mathieu Chataigner, Data Platform Engineer, Product Dev dept,

--> Richard Kemp, IT Operation Manager, Product Dev dept,

--> Stéphane Banfield, Director of Partnerships, Marketing dept

--> Thierry Régagnon, Front-End Developer, Product Dev dept,

--> Pierre Abou-Chahla, Sales Executive - Business Education, Sales dept.

--> Chad Zamkoff, Sales Executive - Business Education, Sales dept.

Special Guest:

--> Bruno Ambou, Sales Executive - Business Education, Sales dept.

Thanks for your participation!