Social Worker

Helping the seemingly helpless


This is important to me because when i was younger I had a pretty bad home life; therefor, I would really like to help the less fortunate and people who have not had the most fair lives. I never really had anyone to talk to or when i was between the ages of 11-16 so it was pretty hard for me to do things and express my feelings to anyone, that's why I got wrapped up into alot of bad things.

What the Job is about

Social work is more than just working with kids and families. It can be working in a treatment facility like vision quest and other places like that. When you work at a treatment facility like that you do things with kids who have behavioral issues and problems like that which is very cool because you get a chance to try and relate with them on a different than like their parents can. You have the chance to try and make a impact on them.

Training & Degree's you may need

You might require diffferent types of Trainning and Degree's for certain jobs in the social work field; for example if you're trying to become a MHW which is someone who is working in the enviroment with the kids you will need little to no training, but if you are wanting to be a therapist that requires atleast a bachlors degree and the proper medical license.