technology 7B

design introduction

I have created 4 design and by the help of my friends i found the pros and cons aout my 4 design . I also help my friends and tell them my opinion and what i think she/he could change and make it better. with the help of my friends we came up with an conclusion and what is the best design.

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design number 1

  • negative
  • It complicated to make its because there's lots of detail
  • there's not much information
  • no picture to show
  • theres no clear information
  • positive
  • look good
  • make people want to see you

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Design number 2

  • this design is good
  • its have lots of good idea
  • there are a lot of spaces left and not use
  • the format is really bad
  • there are not so good

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design number 3

  • the subject are on the side
  • there are alot of good things
  • picture


I choose number 3 because I love the design.