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Serving at Faith Academy with CRWM

Surviving Corrigedor

The days were packed. The kids were energy-filled. The nights were short and wake-up calls came much too early. But we survived the 2013 Middle School Outdoor Education Week!

The last time I went on the Corrigedor OE, I was a squad leader for 11 Grade 7 girls and every day/night was a different location, different routine, and different activities. This year, I was based at the Beach site and in charge of food prep. Perhaps I won't win the award for humility but I think a bit of bragging is in order for my accomplishments during the week:

  • set up a kitchen to feed 2 meals a day to a total of 220 people.
  • made pancakes in a wok on a single burner gas stove for the 11 Beach site staff members.
  • essentially made, packed up, and traveled with a picnic dinner of 70+ Walking Tacos each night for dinner.
  • 90 eggs hard-boiled to perfection.
  • kept the site well-watered and slightly chilled with 80 gallons of water and 48 pounds of ice.

In all honesty and with absolute humility, there's no way that I could have done any of those things on my own. I'm so grateful for the leadership of OE and, particularly, the servant leadership of the Base site kitchen staff who prepped long before I set foot on the Beach site, who thought of and planned for the big things as well as the little comfort snacks, and who prayed ceaselessly for us. Without them, there would have been 70+ hungry beach-dwellers each and every night!

The Fight of Their Life

All in all, the struggles of the week were overshadowed by the fun we had and the work that God was doing in, around, and through. Our middle schoolers ministered to a local school by conducting daily Vacation Bible School. Daily squad devotions gave kids a chance to reflect on how God was speaking to them. And evening worship services at each site connected together an overall theme for the week of "The Fight of Your Life." I have to say that it's pretty incredible to be washing up dinner dishes to the sound of 70 kids singing He Loves Us. Would you pray with me for the kids who made decisions to follow after Christ, those who recommitted their lives to Christ, and those for whom the fight is still raging?

Giving Thanks...

  • Unbelievable safety! We traveled by bus, by van, by boat, by trolley, and by motorcycle without any major incident. And the kids did a significant amount of hiking and caving while they were on Corrigedor. Our only two major injuries were a jellyfish sting and a broken arm mere minutes before the kids loaded the buses to go home.
  • The commitments and recommitments that our kids and kids at the ministry site made to Christ.
  • The educational opportunities over the course of the week. Students learned about Philippine history, World War II, and sea turtles!

...and Pleading Before the Throne

  • The kids for whom the battle still rages within them. May they see God working in their lives and may they make a commitment to pursue God with their whole heart, soul, mind and strength.
  • The work of Pastor Andy who will be following up at the ministry site over the next weeks and months.
  • The continuing partnership and investing with the ministry site school that our middle school students will make as they raise money to cement a grassless dusty/muddy courtyard where the students play during the day.

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