CSD Board Briefing

Cambrian School District, March 5, 2020

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Students of the Month

Students of the month for the Cambrian School District were recognized at the Board meeting. These students were chosen for their outstanding achievements, attitude and contributions to their schools. They are:

Farnham: Ara Khakipour, grade 5

Sartorette: Zane Arrighi, grade 1

Steindorf: Kimaya Jagasia, grade 3

Bagby: Valentine Switzer, kindergarten

Fammatre: Elara Charron, kindergarten

Price: Adam Wong, grade 8 (missing from photo)

Price: Tyler Pedroza, grade 8

Congratulations amazing students!

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They Led the Pledge!

Thank you to Bagby's Braylen Garbarino Evans, Manases Sura Gonzalez, and Jack Reifschneider, grade 3, for leading the Pledge of Allegiance at the Governing Board Meeting. Great job! (seen here with Dr. Carrie Andrews, Superintendent )
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Good Apple Winners

Bryan Ferraro and Ashley Wilson received Good Apple Awards for outstanding contributions to Cambrian School District.

Bryan Ferraro- Fammatre-Bryan and his daughter, Kady, a fifth-grader, have been opening the gates of Farnham every morning since she began kindergarten. Our Farnham students and families are greeted each morning with smiles from this Ferraro duo.

Ashley Wilson- Steindorf-Ashely worked to adopt a K-8 art program that integrates with the common core curriculum. She made it her mission to organize these materials by grade level to make sure all the volunteers and teachers have what they needed to ensure a smooth lesson. In addition, she teaches art lessons in many classrooms each month.

Property Redevelopment - Metzler Lot C

At the February 6th, 2020 Board meeting, the Governing Board of Trustees unanimously approved moving forward with the redevelopment of Metzler lot A (the front portion of land at Metzler along Union Ave.) and the Firehouse property (720 Curtner Ave.).

At the March 5, 2020 Board Meeting, the Governing Board continued the discussion with the potential options for the redevelopment of District Property (Metzler lot C, 2.5 acres along Cambrianna Drive and Taper Avenue). This plot of land has the potential to bring in $500,000 in revenue annually.

After hearing from community members and holding a Board discussion, the Governing Board of Trustees unanimously approved starting the general plan amendment process with the City of San Jose for Metzler lot C. The Board wishes to move forward to gain additional information. To view Terra Realty's presentation from February 6, 2020, please click here.

Future General Obligation Bond Possibility

The Governing Board of Trustees voted to move forward with a public opinion survey to determine direction for a possible General Obligation Bond in the future.

Matt Kolker from Government Financial Strategies presented information regarding the pursuit of a potential General Obligation Bond for purposes of meeting either facilities and/or technology needs across the District. Government Financial Strategies recommended combining technology and facility needs on the General Obligation Bond, but a survey would solicit input and determine the community's opinion.

CSD Superintendent Dr. Carrie Andrews noted since the November 2020 election will be a presidential election, more voters will be voting and this would be optimal for any potential bond measure efforts by the District.

Next steps to determine if Cambrian School District will move forward with a General Obligation Bond campaign include a professional independent public opinion survey, which will be conducted to determine:

▶ Whether a measure could be successful

▶ Elements of a measure crucial for success (Include projects, bond amount and messaging)

▶ Recommended election date

▶ Should employ scientific based research methods

Next steps also include additional discussion by the Board in March and April 2020 to determine direction to move forward with the Bond exploration process, as well as the public opinion survey questionnaire being developed, and the survey being conducted. The survey results will be reported in May 2020 and discussion will continue by the Board in June 2020.

More information will be communicated over the next few weeks in regard to the survey measuring community support, in an effort to maintain and improve Cambrian Schools. The discussion

To view the presentation, please click here.

Approval of Coordinator of Extended Care Employee

Superintendent Dr. Carrie Andrews recommended and the Governing Board voted unanimously to hire Christina Bingham as Coordinator of Cambrian Extended Care. Cambrian School District is excited to introduce Cambrian Extended Care, beginning in the 2020-21 school year.

Ms. Bingham holds a master's degree from San Jose State University in Child and Adolescent Development and has been a teacher since 2006. She is a versatile education professional with experience working in a student-focused learning environment. She is a resourceful and hardworking team leader focused on addressing problems head-on. Ms. Bingham has been a kindergarten and transitional kindergarten teacher in the San Jose Unified School District since 2010. She taught at Cambrian's Fammatre Elementary School earlier in her career, and we are excited to welcome Ms. Bingham back to the District!

CSBA Delegate Assembly Election

The Board cast their vote for Board member Mrs. Carol Presunka in the 2020 California School Boards Association Delegate Assembly election. Each nominee on the ballot is from a school board in California. To view the ballot, please click here.

Superintendent Employment Contract Amendment

The Governing Board of Trustees unanimously voted to approve an amendment to the Superintendent contract. Superintendent Dr. Carrie Andrews' employment agreement concludes on June 30, 2020, so the amendment extends the contract through June 30, 2023.

To view the Superintendent Employment Contract Amendment, please click here.

Next Board Meeting

The Cambrian School District Board of Trustee will hold the next meeting on Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in the Professional Development Center at the District Office, 4115 Jacksol Drive. The public is invited to attend.

Open Positions in Cambrian School District

Interested in working within the Cambrian School District? We have openings, in food service, buildings and grounds, noon duty supervisors, resource specialist teacher, special education instructional aide, substitute custodian, substitute teachers, substitute food service, substitute special education instructional aide, and special education program specialist. For a complete listing, click here.