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November 2021

Welcome to Fall

October was a great month at Pikesville High School. Students and teachers are getting back into the routine of school and COVID incidents have decreased within Pikesville High School. We are still being vigilant regarding wearing masks, visiting the nurse when feeling ill, and social distancing when possible. Our Seniors continue to eat in the auditorium (with some music) and we separate students who arrive to school early. Please remind your son or daughter to always bring and wear their masks in the morning and scan their table at lunch for contract tracing purposes. We completed the first round of state testing in October and students from 9th -11th grade also took the PSAT's during school to prepare them for the SAT's in the Spring. Our fall sports teams are beginning State Playoffs as we speak. Please come out to Pikesville Stadium to support our student athletes as they showcase their talents and hard work. Sports and academic clubs are a great way for our students to come together outside the classroom and demonstrates what a diverse and talented school we have. We also enjoyed our first music concert in 18 months in October. Thank you Mr. Wilson, Ms. Yadush, and Mr. Robinson for preparing all our musicians for this wonderful show and we look forward to all the shows to come. The first marking period ends on November 5th. Please continue to monitor your child's progress through Schoology and contact their teacher if you need further clarification on their progress. Congratulations goes out to our Students of the Month for October- Kamron Khan, Jessica Solorzano,Malcolm Garland, and Michael Fries. We also want to send a shout out to our Teacher of the Month for October- Ms. Jackie Smalls.

Enjoy the cool weather and please continue to support Pikesville High School.

Home of Pride. Honor. Success

Eric Eiswert


Pikesville High School

Important Dates to Remember

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It has been an exciting fall and we are proud of our Panther athletes! As we head into the winter season, our winter passes will be available on Ticket Spicket starting November 15th. We offer the following passes: family (2 adult and 3 student) for $50, individual adult $25, and student $10. Passes are good for all winter in-season home games. You can get your passes here:

The Athletic Boosters needs your help. If you haven't already done so, please consider joining the Athletic Boosters. They are an amazing group of parents working together to support our athletic programs. The Boosters help with awards, senior recognition, uniforms, athletic equipment and so much more. To learn more about them, please go to their website:

The STEM Department

The STEM Department has been busy!

Mr. Martello’s FOE students completing Design Process board game poster.

Mr. Knipscher and Mr. Lantos taking PLTW kids to an architectural tour of Stoneleigh, Roland Park, and Mr. Vernon.

Navy engineers taking to some Civil Engineering students.


Visual and Performing Arts Department

Music Department Info

We have just finished our Pops Concert and it was resounding success, all or our groups returning to the concert stage after an 18-month hiatus. Congratulations to the students and their teachers in the Honors & GT Piano and Guitar classes, Concert and Chamber Choir, Percussion Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra, and Wind Ensemble. Please remember if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Wilson at

Music Department Calendar

11/9 Tri-M Induction Ceremony & Recital 7:30PM – Auditorium

11/28 Fruit Fundraiser Ends

12/15 Winter Concert I 7:30PM – Auditorium

12/16 Winter Concert II 7:30PM – Auditorium

(Note that students have received a more complete performance calendar at the start of school, the above information is provided for planning purpose only.)


Our annual fruit sale is in full swing, please consider supporting our music department by purchasing fruit for the holidays. Please see the flyer elsewhere for information.


One of my hopes for the year is to revitalize the Music Boosters organization. Over the years membership and donations to Music Boosters have sponsored guest conductors, artists-in-residence, instrument purchases and repairs, field trips, scholarships, community performances, and the Musical Awards Banquet.

Please fill out the membership form in this newsletter and return it to your student’s music teacher or mail it to:

PHS Music Department

c/o Tedd Wilson

7621 Labyrinth Rd.

Baltimore, Maryland 21208

If you have any questions or suggestions about how to best support the music programs at Pikesville High School, please contact me by email at Thank you and I look forward to very success and productive school year!

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Pikesville High School Fee Waiver

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Science is happening at PHS!!!

Science Department Newsletter November 2021

Science is happening throughout Pikesville… students are doing hands on activities, working collaboratively, and participating in off-campus learning experiences. This past month saw our students go on their 1st field trip in over 2 years. Here is a quick rundown of what has happened this past month in science classes.

• The Earth Systems classes did some hands on investigations of Keppler’s Laws in preparation for their end of unit assessment (culminating event). Students had to work collaboratively to research and pitch a future space mission to NASA incorporating concepts from their first unit of study.

• The Living Systems classes have researched body systems and how they work together to help our bodies maintain homeostasis. They did a lab where they investigated the effect of different drugs/chemicals on organisms (daphnia/water fleas) and made connections to how they would impact their body and its ability to maintain homeostasis. They are currently learning about cellular respiration photosynthesis where they are investigating how light affects photosynthesis using elodea (an aquatic plant).

• The Integrated Physics and Chemistry classes recently completed a model rocket lab where they used kinematic equations to determine the velocity and energy of model rockets at various stages of their flights. They are currently doing a Straw Rocket Lab in which they have to create an experiment to evaluate different design changes to their straw rocket in order to maximize their height and distance it travels,

• The AP Biology and AP Environmental Science classes took advantage of the Office of Science’s Outdoor Science programs. This past month both classes participated in a canoe excursion at Day’s Cove (a forested wetland in the Gunpowder River area of the eastern Baltimore County).

• In NGSS Chemistry, students are wrapping up their first unit on Nuclear Chemistry. They have been learning about the atom and nuclear reactions in order to evaluate whether or not nuclear energy is a viable alternative to fossil fuels. For the end of unit assignment, students will have to apply concepts learned in class to argue for or against the further use of nuclear energy.

• Our elective classes are also enjoying themselves with all of their hands-on learning and collaborative activities. In Anatomy & Physiology, students had to create a board game that focused on scientific terms that were struggling to learn. Students came away from this activity learning the terms they had difficulty recalling. In Forensic Science, students were recently learning about clues involving decomposition, insects, and other indicators investigators can use to determine how long a decedent has been deceased.

There is a lot going on in our classes… check back next month to see what our students have been up to during November.

Meltzer’s Media Minutes:

Happy Native American Heritage Month! There are a wide variety of books (both print and digital) that highlight Native American culture. Here are some digital titles and resources that support this theme:

News from Nurse Merani

Vaccinations for 5-11 right around the corner!

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Tips from the Heatlh Suite
Delta Cases are decreased, however we cannot relax our mitigation procedures-
Our Covid Protocols are still in place at PHS
Therefore :
Please do not send your student with the Following symptoms:
Cough, sore throat , runny nose with Congestion , Headaches !
Please do not hesitate to call me to discuss - we know this is confusing as many of these symptoms mimic allergies , migraines, the common cold -
However - we will be diligent to send these students home to request additional tests and or documentation-
My direct line -443-809-3003 and I am always available to talk this through
Stay safe!

The Pikesville Players Present:

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Male Forum

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This past month, the Equity Task Force facilitated a discussion surrounding anti-LGBTQ+ hate speech. Students engaged in a discussion with their 2B teachers around this language, its impact on people within the LGBTQ+ community, and its implications for our community writ large. Future discussions and investigations of topics are being developed for the remainder of the year.

Students were encouraged to take a survey detailing their perception of the inclusivity of Pikesville High School’s school climate. This information is vital for our work to continue the development of a safe, inclusive environment for all participants of the school community. Please encourage your student to complete the survey posted in their 1A or 1B Schoology page and reach out to a member of the Task Force if they have more urgent concerns!

Art Club

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Application Season:

College application season is upon us! Thank you to all of our Panther staff for their support in getting our AVID scholars and ALL seniors ready for their next steps, whether they be college or career!