The Comanches

By: Giuliana Silvestri

The Comanches Then

The Comanche's originally lived in Wyoming but migrated down into the Great Plains of Texas. They lived in tepees and traveled in family-based groups called bands. The Comanche's controlled the region, stopping any army in their path. Men were nomadic hunters and warriors, chasing buffalo and bison herds for food and fighting battles. The Comanche's used bow and arrows, spears, and when in war, shields made of bison hides. Women gathered, cleaned, and cooked. They were also in charge of moving and assembling houses.

Culture and Leaders

The Comanche's religion was Meager. The believed in both good and bad spirits. They smoked pipes as a ritual, the first puff being form the Great Spirit. Ceremonies also included dances and prayer. The Comanche's were also known for their pottery. Sculptures were also made by using clay gathered from streams. Women did not have a say in tribal decisions. or who they marry. Men decided that.


The Comanches Now

The Comanche Nation is headquartered in Lawton, Oklahoma. They are now more welcome to outsiders and only 1% of population speak their language of Numic. In 2002 They founded the Comanche Nation College and gather every July to celebrate their heritage.

Fun Facts

The word Comanche actually means "enemy" in their Ute neighbors language. They also used to steal horses from Spanish and French armies as well as neighbor tribes.