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Week of January 11, 2016

How will you think like a scientist to understand the world around you?

Lesson Plans Due

Monday, Jan. 11th, 8:30am

Bullock School

Bulldog Buddies Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 13th, 3-4pm

Demo Room

CAST Meetings

Thursday, Jan. 14th, 8:30am-2pm

Small Conference Room

Inservice Day - School Closed

Friday, Jan. 15th, 8am-3pm

Bowe Music Room

  • Classroom Teachers: Eureka Math (Bowe Music Room)
  • Specialists: Collaboration Time (Bullock School)
  • BSI Teachers: CAST Review & Literacy Skill Strategies (Bullock School w/Mr. Hempel)

The Curriculum Corner: The Seed Notebook

Click on the red bar below to visit The Curriculum Corner @ to view an updated article on seed notebooks that includes some tips for integrating "fierce wonderings." You can also click on the link below that to view a fantastic article by the authors of the Two Writing Teachers blog on using the writer's notebook to support expository writing! Don't forget to share your thoughts & bite-sized best practices in writing via email, social media or in the footer of the Buzz! Thank you for a fantastic week & have a great weekend!
The Curriculum Corner Online

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News & Notes

  • We are in need of participants for the district Strategic Planning committee. Currently we have representatives from 1st grade. If anyone from 2nd or 3rd are interested in attending, please email Jodi Rettig.

You're the Best...Quotes from the Staff!

  • Donna R.-Thank you so much for listening and thinking of me. I really appreciate you!
  • Kim T- Thanks for being such a great dismissal duty partner!
  • Thanks to the third grade team for being awesome!!!
  • Thanks Mel for always listening!
  • Thank you to Marcy for sharing report letter.
  • Shout out to Mel for sharing Model Curriculum.
  • Happy Birthday RITAAAAAA!!!!
  • Shout out to Amy for making me smile!
  • Thank you to everyone for contributing to JPW! We were able to help 15 families with 38 kids total!!
  • Thank you Mrs. Dunn for your kindness and caring.
  • You're the best Barbara! A big thank you for finding small ways to reach out to our newest ELLs.
  • Thanks Joan and Carol for getting the SOS team started!!!

Schoolwide Events

  • 01/04 - Bulldog Buddy Roleplays (1/4-1/8)
  • 01/07 - Faculty Meeting & CAST Paperwork DUE
  • 01/14 - CAST Meetings
  • 01/13 - Bulldog Buddies Meeting
  • 01/15 - Inservice Day
  • 01/20 - SIT Meetings & CAST Paperwork DUE
  • 01/21 - PTO Meeting (6:30 PM, Bowe Media Center)
  • 01/25 - DIBELS Window Opens (1/25-1/29)
  • 01/28 - CAST Meetings
  • 01/25 - Star Student Luncheon

Happy Birthday!

  • Donna Romalino - 1/1
  • Karen Peale - 1/2
  • Melanie Sweeney - 1/2
  • Rita Procopio - 1/4
  • Amy Masso - 1/9
  • Cindy Henik - 1/11
  • Lisa Blanton - 1/17
  • Marian Dunn - 1/29

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