The Processor (CPU)

A poster about the processor By Luke and William

The Processor

The processor is the brains of the computer, a couple of the main things it does is it deals with all the movement of data and any calculations to be carried out, Computers can carry out instructions very quickly because of the CPU can process billions of instructions every second although it only does one at a time

The 3 Main parts

The Control Unit (CU)

The Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU)

Registers, these are in processors and there the three main parts

The Control Unit (CU)

Sends out signals that fetch instruction from the main memory

To understand these instructions

Carry out the instruction that are fetched from main memory

The Arithmetic and logic unit (ALU)

Carries out computers arithmetical functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication etc

Carries out the computers logical functions such as comparing values using IF, AND, >,< and WHILE


Registers are small temporary memory locations located on the processor. They are used to store all the data for the current instruction being produced