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There's more to Cairo than just boring ancient stuff........

Cairo Chow

Before you start chowing down in Cairo, you need to know that you can find food in Cairo just about anywhere. If you're up to a snack, food stands in Cairo serve roasted potatoes, grilled corn, or various breads. For breakfast chow down on chewy montreal-style bagels topped with a yogurt-like cheese served with olive oil. For lunch you can chow on skewers, or shawarma sandwiches, which Egyptians love! If you ever think about going out for dinner in Cairo, don't hesitate, but make sure you order kashay, a unique dish with a mixture of rice, macaroni, spaghetti, lentils, and chickpeas, topped with a spicy tomato sauce, and fried onions. Have a sweet-tooth? Have some Egyptian candies, Umm Ali (Phyllo pastry, milk, double-cream and nuts) or kunafa (baked noodles with nuts and double-cream).

Creaky Cairo

Before you start walking all over Cairo's streets, you need to know that Cairo was the world's first largest civilization, and the world's first national government. The ancient Egyptians had leaders called "pharohs" and they built tombs for the pharohs which were the pyramids. The pyramids are actually in public display for the public to see them. You would also be suprised that the ancient Egyptians were smart enough to build advanced cities like ours today.

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Compelling Cairo

When in Cairo, make sure you visit the pyramids. Why, you may ask, because all tourists do it. They sail on the Suez Canal and make a detour and stop by the pyramids. The reason why Egypt has a good economy is because they gets tons of tourists year-round. So if you visit Cairo, you will be helping the economy a little bit. The only time Cairo's economy has declined was in the 1980's when terrorists attacked the Middle East. But don't worry, some terrorist activity is gone. Cairo, Egypt has a lot of hotels, just for tourists!

Cairo's Collection

When people visit Cairo, the first thing that comes to their minds is Cairo's points of interests. The very first Mosque in Egypt was The Mosque of Amribn al-as. The Cairo Tower, a more modern landmark with a restaurant on its tip, and a landmark that children enjoy. The "mysterious" Great Sphinx lyes near the pyramids "guarding" them. With the mythical body of a lion, and a head of a woman, nobody knew what to think of it.

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Cairo's Communication

People in Cairo obviously speak Egyptian, but they call something else. They call it Arabic. Arabic has its own number system, and alphabet. Arabic is the most common language in Egypt...but there is another rare language, the Coptic language, which less than a quarter of their population doesn't speak it. The ancient Egyptians had a different language, which were called hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics were random symbols. It would be very hard to understand a language like that.

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Cairo's Climate

The average temperature in Cairo is in the 80's-90's. And you might think that just because Cairo is in the desert, it will never snow...well you're wrong. Rarely, there will be some snowfall in the humid region. So if you plan on going to Cairo, don't pack parkas and wooly jackets. It might rain, so maybe pack a jacket. Of course, it is always sunny in Cairo.

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Egyptian Project

Egyptian Project


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