OLFCS 2021-22 Re-Registration

for Returning Students

You will find below:

  1. Online re-registration form-- 50% of the registration fee is due and payable at the time of registration or re-registration. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. The balance of the registration fee is due no later than MAY 15, 2021. Registration fees ($350 per child) will be billed March 1 & 15, April 1 & 15, May 1 based on when forms are submitted. Families registering after May 15 will incur a $50 late fee.
  2. 2021-22 Tuition Schedule
  3. Financial Aid Application Information
  4. Kremer Foundation Scholarship Application
  5. St. Joseph's Scholarship
  6. 2021-22 Calendar
Online Re-registration

Online re-registration for next school year is now open. A re-registration check off list can be found below as well as in the link in the box above.

Click here or blue box above to go to online re-registration for ALL student returning for the 2021-22 school year.

RETURNING STUDENT RE-REGISTRATION CHECK OFF LIST: Check off forms below as you complete them. Your (re)registration is not complete until all forms have been turned in and fees are paid.

⬜ Online Re-registration Form for Returning Students-- click link above

⬜ Enrolling a younger sibling for next year? Complete the Kindergarten/New Student Registration Form.

⬜ Pay $350 PER CHILD registration fee via FACTS (billed March 1 & 15, April 1 & 15, May 1 based on when forms are submitted). Families registering after May 15 will incur a $50 late fee.

FORMS LISTED BELOW can be found here:

⬜ Hard Copy 2021-22 Parent/Student Handbook Agreement

⬜ Hard Copy Volunteer Agreement

⬜ Hard Copy Acceptable Use Pledge Covering Electronic Devices

Need help? Call our office- we are here to help you!

2021-22 Tuition Schedule

Click box above for 2021-22 Tuition Schedule.

Financial Aid Applications Open for 2021-22


  1. Local scholarships at the school level (funded by various foundations, organizations and donors) are available to qualifying families until funds have been distributed.
  2. The SEEDS Scholarship through the Diocese of Stockton has a deadline of March 15. Anyone applying for tuition assistance after March 15 is not eligible to receive a SEEDS scholarship.

PROCESS: If a family is interested in applying for tuition assistance/local scholarships, the application timeline is as follows.

  • Applications are accepted starting on December 1 for the following school year.
  • There is a $30 per family application fee, which is paid by the family.
  • An application is considered complete and eligible for consideration when all the required documentation has been filed and verified.
  • A family is to complete the application process as soon as possible. Families applying late may not receive scholarships if funds have been distributed to qualifying families whose applications are complete and verified.
  • No later than early June, recipients of scholarships will be notified by the school administrator. Scholarships will be applied to the following school year.

To apply for Financial Aid, please click here. If you currently have a FACTS account, please use your login information.

Kremer Foundation Student Grant Application

Click box above for printable Kremer Scholarship application. Household income cannot exceed Income Limit of $61,436 per year for a household size of 4 or less as increased by $10,505 for each additional family member over the number of 4.

OLFCS 21-22 School Calendar

Click box above for printable 2021-22 PDF calendar.

School Google Calendar

Click box above for the school's Google calendar. You can add this to your Google calendar if you have Gmail.

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