personality type

by Dylan Mayberry

#1 orange

I have an orange personality, that means i am the life of the party. I am outgoing and love to have fun. i can be impulsive at times, i am very straightforward and fast paced, I interrupt people sometimes, if the topic does not interest me i tend not to listen, i am not a fan of formal meetings, I am very creative in my work and projects.

my other personalities

#1 blue

  • concerned with feelings
  • careful with words
  • mannerly and indirect
  • frustrated when too direct, interrupted, or causes conflict
  • helps everyone get along
  • great cheerleader

#2 gold

  • responsible, organised, traditional
  • prefer writing over talk
  • focus on detail and order
  • hates when speaker gets off topic
  • follows rules
  • born to lead

#3 green

  • intelligent
  • seek answers
  • listen for only the info they need
  • talk and trivial answers frustrate the green
  • innovators