Room 9 News

We Are Brilliant!!


The kids are starting their Book Report #2! This one is a Mystery genre and the kids have until December 15th to read and complete their project.

We went over the project details and mapped out how long they have to read and complete this one. The kids were to show me their Mystery book today and many started reading last week. A suggestion would be to go over the specifics with the kids and make some kind of log to fill in as they read.

* I am giving the kids their pizza cutouts this week for those kids who are staying home for Thanksgiving week.

* I don't give homework over break, however, at this age, the kids should be reading every day, so as long as they read and not get behind, they will have time to finish the project.

* Their book should go to school each day so they can read it during the day when they get time. PLEASE help them by making sure it is in their backpack.

Math Facts

Caine's Cardboard Challenge

Enjoy watching this 9 year old dynamo and his 1st customer, who changed Caine's life. The kids loved the video clip and there are more to watch online.

The kids are going to create something out of cardboard for homework. This was part of last week's homework and it is due this Friday, November 21st. Have fun!

Playground Creations

Math is everywhere!! The kids are creating their own playgrounds! We measured many structures on our own playground, got better at estimating square footage, talked about it's relevance, and read great weekly selections this unit on how cities start, how kids' ideas spark and entertain or help others, and how we all can make a difference... one step, moment, or event at a time. I look forward to the kids making their process come together on an App and sharing it with you in December.

Coyote Party is this Friday!

The kids earned another party and it's set for this Friday. Woo hoo! They voted on 'electronics'. If you do not want your child to bring their electronic device to school, they have games and their iPads here to use. The kids know this, so there is no pressure for them to bring their own if you don't like the idea of it coming to school.

PJ's and stuffed animals and pillows are a given. :)

Thanksgiving Break

Enjoy your week off may you all share happy memories with your kids, family, and friends.

Wanted: Photographer and Memory Book Organizer

Parents, if anyone has extra time they would like to dedicate to our Memory Books and to take monthly photos of the kids, please let me know. For the Memory Book, I just need someone to fill in to get us started. If you could place the papers in the binders that we have so far, the kids can do the rest throughout the year.

Thank you!!